NFT Minting

By jer979!! | | 24 May 2021

At the moment, there’s not one NFT minting site that owns my personal mindshare.

When people ask me “which sites should I use?” there’s not an immediate recall. I can think of places to sell, list, track value, and use NFTs as collateral, but when I think about the thousands of potential NFT use cases, for whatever reason, I don’t immediately have an answer.

This came to mind as I used Zora.

Assuming you have MetaMask (and are willing to pay the gas fees in Eth), it’s a pretty straightforward site for taking digital assets you have (images, videos, URLs) and turning them into NFTs.

So, if you’re new to the NFT game and you just want to give it a shot, this is a good place to start.

Send me the link when you’re done and I’ll display your NFT (unless it’s NSFW) in a future post.

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