Network-based Thinking

By jer979!! | | 19 Aug 2022

I’ve started reading Balaji Srinavasan’s new book, The Network State.

It’s basically a how-to guide for starting a “cloud-first, land-second” country.

At first, you might be thinking, “this is crazy, a new country starting in the cloud and then getting land and then getting admitted to the UN?!”

But it’s not so far-fetched.

Global communities form every day around topics ranging from sports teams to politics to quilting.

Now, with crypto, they have a way to organize assets and decision making.

One of interesting points he raises in the book is that most of us think of the current political environment as between people who think in a “God-first” way vs. those who think ing a “State-first” way.

In the book, Balaji introduced a third way. Those who think “network-first.”

It’s a more ecosystem, holistic way of thinking about the interrelationships between people with similar worldviews.

The network-first thinkers have been growing since the dawn of time, but were put on hyperspeed with the arrival of the Internet and now crypto.

This makes a network state a pretty distinct possibility.

More to come.

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