Mindset Shifts

By jer979!! | www.publish0x.com/jer979 | 14 May 2021

tl;dr: on new paradigms and adaptation.

The other day I posted about the possible intersection between cryptoeconomics and OKRs. I will admit, it’s a very nascent thought process, but I happen to believe (or maybe want to believe) that there is a “there there.”

Even if there isn’t, however, and the two really don’t belong together (though I’ve had some conversations that indicate I may be on to something), there’s another area of overlap.

Both of them require a mindset shift.

Crypto requires a mindset shift from the idea that power comes from a centralized authority to the mindset that power is granted and protected through a provably secure public good.

OKRs require require a mindset shift from “efficiency” to “effectiveness” and from “output” to “outcome.” The former are the hallmarks of the industrial era. The latter, the knowledge era.

I suspect one of the reasons that so many people struggle with both of these is because they aren’t simply “better” ways of doing things, they are “different” ways of doing things.

And, as we age, “different” requires us to rewire the neural pathways in our brains. It’s the “think again” that is so difficult.

But it is in those same mindset shifts where the huge value opportunities lay.

When I was a younger man and the Internet was in its infancy, I could easily adapt to the mindset shift. I thought it was a total overhaul of the system and I had little respect for the previous paradigm. More importantly, I had little understanding of the previous paradigm.

With social media’s arrival, I understood the existing paradigm a bit better and started to understand that a bridge from one to the other would be necessary, like helping immigrants assimilate to a new country.

With crypto and OKRs, I see that the new paradigm spawns its own unique entities while simultaneously the old one begins the slow migration/update to the new one. It’s not that one will completely “own” the other (though it might feel that way with the FAANGs). They are going to co-exist, but their forms will shape shift.

And forms shift shape after mindsets shift.

One way or another, the institutional mindset and the individual mindset shifts.

Either we figure out how to bring the change willingly upon ourselves or we are faced with the reality that the change will be forced upon us.

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