Letting Go of NSM

I sold Never Stop Marketing a month or so before Covid started, but retained a small portion of ownership as well as my email address.

However, the time has come to let go of that.

NSM was-and is- a critical concept in marketing. You should never stop.

It served me well on two tours of duty, from 2008-2012 and again from 2016-2020.

At its height, it was a solid brand and I’m proud of what was built there, with the help of many people.

However, an important part of life is learning when it is time to let go.

With a number of changes, including working at Radix, Google starting to charge for domain services, the cost of maintenance of the Word Press site increasing, and the technology being increasingly outdated, it was becoming a relic.

So, with Donny, the current owner of NSM, we have decided it’s time to retire the active use of NSM website and email. We’ll retain the domain b/c, why not.

For now, however, that era is over.


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