Digging into Code

I’m reading The Code Book : The Secret History of Codes and Code-Breaking

It’s a fascinating story about the ongoing battle between those trying to protect secrets and those trying to uncover them.

Considering the crypto is a descendant of this science, I figured it would be worth the read and it is.  So many of the elements of crypto like private keys, seed words, seed phrases, etc.  now are a bit more clear to me.

It’s mathematical, but really accessible at the same time.

And there was one quote that I came across from the 13th century, in fact, which reignited my paranoia about security.

It was from Roger Bacon’s Concerning The Marvelous Power Of Art And Nature And The Nullity Of Magic. In it, he writes:

A man is crazy who writes a secret in any other way than one which will conceal it from the vulgar.

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