Decentralized Alignment

By jer979!! | | 10 Mar 2022

I was in two calls yesterday with different members of the Radix community which helped me extend my thinking about what a Decentralized Marketing Organization might look like.

What’s so potentially powerful about Web3 is the opportunity for some serious force multipliers as community members align themselves with each other around mutual goals.

The economic side of the equation is straightforward. As token holders, they are aligned around the challenge of how to increase the perceived value of their tokens so that others are intrigued enough to also become members of joint effort.

Web3 marketing is roughly the same, except it focuses on the brand side. A web3 brand, I think, is going to come down to not just selecting for economic growth opportunity (though that will always be there), it’s also going to come down to which community can effectively communicate its core values to itself and to other, potential members.


People may come for the price, but they get committed and motivated because of the values. “Come for the Bitcoin, stay for the Blockchain,” as the saying goes.

This means that a community needs to identify its core values and, ironically, it’s core values proposition so that others can decide if it’s a club they want to join. Call it the “anti-Groucho” approach.

But that’s not all, to drive meaningful outcomes in the absence of the token incentive layer, a community needs a way to align.

It needs a way to align on an execution level (e.g. a master project plan that shows interdependent tasks from various nodes in the network) and a way for each “node” to ‘plug-in’ to the marketing network. Like an API for marketing for self-awareness.

But it also needs a way to align on a strategy level and this is where OKRs fit in, or at least where I am seeing if they fit in. I’ve touched on this before, but I think what OKRs can do is provide a common strategy-execution framework and language for disparate parts of a global, decentralized, marketing network to align more effectively with each other.

I think this type of thinking, a shift from centralized control of a hierarchical marketing organization to decentralized influence of a distributed marketing org, aligned via OKRs (potentially) could be a game-changing marketing model innovation.

That’s not to say that I’m going to get it right. Proof is in the pudding, eh?

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