Anger at the Fed

By jer979!! | | 12 May 2022

As I watched the news the other day about the Fed’s latest interest rate hike, the reporter was talking about how it would impact the average cost of a mortgage for a median home and what it would do for the credit card debt of many Americans, I couldn’t help but feel anger.

A lot of anger.

The Fed got us into this inflation problem with its unlimited Quantitative Easing and federal bond purchases, which hurt the people who could least afford it and now, with its interest rate rise, it continues to hurt the people who can least afford it.

I know I sound like a radical, but one day, the idea of separation of Church and State was radical. In 100 or 200 years (assuming we all make it), the idea of separation of Money and State will be equally obvious.

Once upon a time, the State controlled the population through God. Now, the Dollar has replaced God, but the State control is the same.

Now I finally get why Erik Voorhees calls his blog, Money and State.

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