Introduction To Bitchery

Introduction To Bitchery

BitCherry is regarded as the world's first commercial scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 technology, it has three characteristics


data security: Bitcherry has built a P2Plus protocol with a thought of innovating the physical layer. The protocol work is put in a lower IP layer and the data link layer which is meant to significantly improve data transmission, speed and accessibility. The point-to-point private key encryption technology used by P2Plus guarantees node privacy and data security more effectively


efficient performance: With its whole node operation attached to the HashGraph, ensuring decentralization while saving heaty workload proof. Based on the aBFT algorithm and relying on the “sidechain + sharding” expansion design, being able to also solve the block congestion problem, so that resource occupation of a single application will not affect the other performance on the chains.


consensus governance: In terms of governance structure, BitCherry’s structure is more open to users. It first proposes PoUc for user value proof, refers to the user virtual voting weights in terms of consensus, selects the node to obtain accounting reward and enables pass permit holders to participate in the project’s development and chain governance.


Building a ‘P2Plus’ Encryption Protocol with a new thinking of innovative physical layer, BitCherry is a general blockchain infrastructure that meets the demand of commerce. 


BitCherry provides the operational mechanism such as smart contract & cross-chain consensus to achieve highly scalable data architecture by hashmap which is improved by the relationship atlas. This blockchain infrastructure greatly reduces development costs, provides a high-performance, high-secure, and high-available underlying public chain support for distributed commerce on the chain.


BitCherry token (BCHC) is officially listed on the Singapore based BitTok exchange with good price and volume to match.


BitCherry CEO and Founder is Paul, also the Founder of The Belt and Road Blockchain foundation, Senior Blockchain Compliance Expert. Kim Keun Young, Korea is known as one of the prominent early investors and advisors to BitCherry, He is Chairman of (WTIA), Senior Advisor of AI Hermas Global,Chairman of AI Hermas Korea and Special Ambassador of Tunisian Economy City.


BitCherry team is Currently working towards attaining global reach and mass adoption through its ambassadorial program, prospective individuals can apply for the role of ambassadors. 



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