Here comes another "BRAVE" browser competitor.


Today i am gonna tell about new browser that paid for surfing web just like BRAVE , BITTUBE browser.


Some key point :-

#Get daily paid for surfing internet in NBX coin.


#First 125000 people who download get 20 NBX free which u can withdraw any time without condition.


#Awesome referral program if u came under someone referral u got 10 NBX coin extra( fell free to use my referral link if u want extra coin.


#You can stake earned and get extra coin.




  • ensure regular income for their owners
  • ensure the privacy of transactions by mixing coins on masternodes
  • decentralized voting through the Netbox.Vote mechanism
  • shall always be online, have a static IP address and a fixed port


    # Netbox.Coins allocated to enable the masternode are not stored in the masternode; thus, in case of a successful attack on the          server, where the masternode is located, 10,000 Netbox.Coin allocated by the user to create it will remain safe.



Their are many things are coming soon which they tell u about on websites.



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