Easiest Cryptocurrency Mining Ever



It says here currency of the internet so it is very simple and clean website when u first go on it webdollar.io you have to simply bookmark that page because every time address is changing.

Here you can proof-of-work and proof-of-stake at same time.

                                                    So How It Works?

As you start mining this coin and it puts coins into your wallet it will switch over to POS - so you're mining POW and mining POS at the same time or alternating back and forth which is really neat so I mean I'm not going to in depth because its too easy 



As you can see on the left hand side there is mining power which you can increase or decrease according to your pc processor and on the right hand side there is your wallet which generated automatically.


on clicking on wallet you can get your address and your mining balance and one more thing i suggest u put your mining power between 5-7 beacause it ideal to do other works in your pc.



  • P2PB2B

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