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What will heaven ACTUALLY be like?

By newb0Xsir | Written Words | 22 Jul 2021

Seeing that I’ve stated that I’m a Christian in my bio, probably should eventually write something about that.

Haven’t had the chance to write much this week, but a thought recently crossed my mind while doing errands on my vacation today about Heaven.

Depending on your religious background, “Heaven” might mean more than one thing. Even if you don’t really have any ties to religion, any reference you’ve heard to the “great beyond” or “afterlife” usually, but not always, involves these words:

  • Bliss
  • Joy
  • Eternity or Everlasting
  • Peace
  • No pain
  • No suffering
  • True freedom

Which, if you’re nearing the latter years of your life cycle, is great! Cast your pills and doctor appointment’s aside, Richard! We’re going to our home in eternity!

However, what if you’re still mostly considered a “younger lad” like me? Or even simply nearing your mid-life crisis?

Sure, Heaven will be free of aches and pains. No more mental illness. No more surgeries. Death will be long forgotten.

These are all really, really wonderful things. Said things will of course make you want to praise and thank the creator, be it Jesus or whomever you believe this being is.

However, what about things like boredom?

We will be in this amazing place for all of eternity. No beginning and no end.

Some old hymns I’ve known since childhood mention how it will take a million years to thank the creator for everything. Even a million years is a finite amount of time compared to eternity.

What if we get bored of doing that? What if the constant drills of praise becomes like a dull conversation that you want to escape from?

What if you want to travel instead of constantly thanking your creator from the bottom of your soul? In the Bible, the book of Revelations maps out the size of heaven to be roughly 1,400 cubit miles in Chapter 21, verse 16.

What does Revelation 21:16 mean? (

That fits nicely within the borders of the United States. That might take a year, maybe two, to explore thoroughly.

What about all of space? Heaven will be the most amazing site ever, but what if I want to fly to another galaxy? Seeing all of space would be just as amazing for a sci-fi guy such as myself.

Even then, what if we somehow get bored of exploring the depths of space?

I know this is crazy, and I’m practically in first-world problem territory, but it’s just a thought that crossed my mind today. Would still take a slow day in Heaven over a slow day in Hell.

If Jesus can save our souls from the pits of Hell by ways of salvation through repentance then surely Heaven will repel all sense of boredom too. Right?

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