Happiest Place
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Happiest Place

By newb0Xsir | Written Words | 19 Sep 2021

For my whole life
My parents would say
Son, do not fret
Your happiest place is today

I didn’t understand
As I looked around and saw
Trees stretching to the sky
Yet a village lacking awe

I wanted to go
I wanted to dance
All night in the city
Every time I had the chance

Soon, I was able
Diploma in hand
I raced to civilization
For my own happy land

It was everything I dreamed
Everything in high gear
All the things I wanted
Just needed an elite career

Got the college I want
With a path that sounded cool
Friends that loved to party
Way better than high school

But soon, I failed
My school and my friends
Got a job at McDonalds
No more fun on my weekends

My rose coloured perspective
Got a bit dark
Even shaded a bit black
With every customer remark

Soon I left
That fast food hell
Years left me
As I drew from the job well

As grim as life was
I got my second wind
The next job I drew up
Had my lost passions in mind

I fit right in
My new working home
Knew everyone by name
Their coffee cup or comb

I grew with the company
Got a house to boot
My life’s puzzle was assembling
Like a fine 3-piece suit

Years raced on
Regardless of what I did
Yet I didn’t mind
I was a happy kid

It wasn’t just the city lights
The trees or space
Nor friends I once had
That brought happiness to my face

It was my sense of belonging
Not status or prestige
Where my passion is
There my heart will also unleash

My life is now complete
Living my true way
My parents were right
My happiest place is today

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