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Destroy All Humans

By newb0Xsir | Written Words | 1 Jul 2021

I FINALLY played it. Over 15 years later.

Honestly, I don’t know why I waited until now to play this game.

The crude humour, open world gameplay, destructive environments and science fiction all wrapped up in a nice, nostalgic package.

After initiating the streaming session via PlayStation Now on my PS4, it was nice hearing and seeing the “PlayStation 2” chime. You know, the one that plays when the PS2 system detected that it was loading a PS2 game.

Even when this game first jumped on PlayStation Now, I didn’t immediately drop everything in my queue of games for this title. However, I’m glad I finally did start playing this game.

Being able to pick up humans, cars, cows and other objects to hurl at whatever I please is quite satisfying. The arsenal of alien weapons is quite nice so far too.

Still finding myself smirking like a middle school boy at the anal probe whenever I pass this while cycling through my array of weapons.

It’s also nice, after a long hard day at work, to lose yourself in the carnage of destroying all of the humans. Spreading my “communism”, as the overwhelmed NPCs of humanity like to remind me.

So, should you check out this title while it’s on PlayStation Now? Absolutely. If it’s been a very hot minute since your last PS2 game session, definitely try it out. This game doesn’t try to overdeliver on its objectives. It’s as clear as the title.

You are destroying all the humans. The only catch is the mission objectives. Aside from that, you have the freedom to destroy (mostly) whatever you wish.

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