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From our very dear publish0x, i came to know about a platform that regained my hope that people would again love to write and give their thoughts on anything they want. Substack - where you can gain a loyal following for your work.

It is like a dream come true for bloggers and writers as me. You would own a newsletter which you can use to flourish your thoughts across to the people that have subscribed your newsletter.

It helps writers, publishers to continue with their work along with gaining some wealth directly from their readers.

It is a win for readers too as they become more selective in the choice.

The subscription can be free or paid as per the publisher.

So Go for it and Give it a try.

Use the link to subscribe my newsletter and it is free.

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Sardar Manavjeet Singh
Sardar Manavjeet Singh

A teenager who wants to be financially independent and encourage people for Crypto. Follow me on Medium -

Worthy Knowledge
Worthy Knowledge

The motive is to create awareness among users to have some knowledge of certain platforms that may be beneficial to them in aspects such as monetary knowledge, health knowledge etc. on the basis of Personal Experience

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