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India's No. 1 Game - MPL ( Mobile Premiere League)

Today I am gonna talk about not one of my favourite but my favouritest game MPL which allows you to play games with real money for winning more. It is just like a betting platform but along with betting for matches, you can also play other more than 100 games that you are master in to win real money.

My favourite games on the platform fruit cutter, wcc, rummy, pool and many more. It would take you more than an hour to try all the games. Here you get free bonus  cash which in some games such as rummy, fruit cutter etc.can be used to earn free real cash.

The official currency of the game is in rupees so it is not more to loose as i think.

The fantasy can be played in cricket, football, baseball and basketball and some special benefits are also given in special cases.

So why not try.

To be a part of MPL Community by joining under the link below as this is not present at app or play store.

Hey, you can get guaranteed benefits of ₹100 real cash on signing up! It's easy, directly install the app from


and use my referralCode:NCHP2CDI which would be beneficial for both of us.

This is a game of monetary risk. It can be addictive . So please play at your own risk. This should not to be taken as financial advice.

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Sardar Manavjeet Singh
Sardar Manavjeet Singh

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