What will the next Big THING be?

By Justufak | Worldwide Crypto | 9 Oct 2022

The Crypto Market is over 10 years old with many cryptocurrencies starting their journey, We see more and more NFTs, meme coins, DeFi, etc. While some might be scams others can be legit and some others might be the next Bitcoin, who knows? Missing out on those opportunities might be devastating for many people. No need to worry though, there is always a big thing in crypto so even if you miss one in the past you might land on the one of the future. I have missed out on various opportunities like BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club).

What will the next big thing be? To be honest with you all, I do not know for sure what it will be. No one does. But based on someone's research, he can create an idea of what will it be. I have made my research and based on it, I would start to invest in these opportunities.

1. ENS (Ethereum Name Service)


ENS is a blockchain domain naming protocol built for the Ethereum Blockchain specifically. Using this service allows the customers to create readable usernames for their Ethereum-based decentralized websites and apps. Like NFTs, ENS is limited to a certain number to the point where owning an NFT or Ethereum Domain Name becomes a social status. 3-4 digit Domains have skyrocketed in value. 

2. Metaverse


After the name change of Facebook, Metaverse has skyrocketed in popularity. Unfortunately, it could take years or decades for the metaverse to become a norm. In the future could be done through the metaverse; school, gaming, concerts, events, movies and etc. 

3. Bitcoin


Probably not the next big thing, since it already is, but it's always a great idea to invest in some bitcoin. You can cloud mine some BTC through your phone using the services mentioned in this post, or buy some crypto KYC-free through the services mentioned in this postThe price of BTC has fallen from $64,800 each all the way to $19,000 making it a great time to invest in Bitcoin. Our money progressively gets more and more devalued so it is likely that the US dollar might not be the world reserve currency. Some people might say that Yuan, Euro, Ruble, or any other currency but the same can be said for those currencies as well. Bitcoin might become the world's reserve currency, Why? Well, BTC is "controlled" by the investors and not by any government.


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