These are the best tools that can assist you in your Crypto Trading

By Justufak | Worldwide Crypto | 2 Oct 2022

Now with crypto being one of the popular sources of income a lot of investors have hopped onto the bus to head into the crypto world. With BTC's popularity, many new cryptocurrencies are getting established and seeing newer and promising investment opportunities coming into the market. Of course, you can't just keep track of all those Cryptocurrencies so you will need some tools in order to appreciate the market. Here are some of my personal favorites that I use in my everyday life.

DeFi LlamaIf you invest in DeFi Projects, DeFi Llama is a must-have.  DeFi Llama is constantly updating their website.  DeFi Llama also features a TVL Ranking to see the "winning protocols" by TVL, Yield Rankings, and many other features. 


CoinGecko/CoinMarketCap: Almost everyone uses one of the two, to inspect some cryptocurrencies. With both tools, you can see the history, price, market cap, etc. 


TradingView: TradingView is one of the most widely used charting tools. The reason they are so widely used is that they offer trading charts for both crypto and stocks and they also have more technical indicators than anyone will ever need. There are currently 4 plans which you can compare here, there is a FREE subscription (Basic) with limited features which are still usable for the average/new trader.97554dddde055eea7090c84df02fe04ff5445ebf2498e39da024fe2e3d37c2f4.png

CryptoPanic: There are hundreds or thousands of crypto news sites spewing millions of articles every day, with CryptoPanic you can have all of these data aggregated in just one source. Wouldn't that be very helpful? CryptoPanic is a free news aggregator that allows you to customize your very own dashboard. The UI is not that great but it can be comprehensible for a person who just wants to do their job.d09c8df4797e923e90163d89097b4bd1451695b856e43747ff780e2d37179dde.jpg

HAASONLINE: Need a trading bot? HAASONLINE has got your cover. HAASONLINE has cemented a name for itself in the trading bot industry. They have countless indicators to help you with great performance. They also have arbitrage opportunities and it can help you profit big time, big money, and small time invested.


TokenTaxPaying taxes can be a headache for everyone, especially the traders. TokenTax helps you in an automated way to calculate how much you need to pay taxes while including your income from your job.



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Worldwide Crypto
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