World Wide Basement Vibes
World Wide Basement Vibes

World Wide Basement Vibes

WWBV TV: creating damaged sights and sounds from the underground using a hybrid of analog and digital technologies. We're a collective of content creators streaming live to your favorite platforms, pushing the edges of entertainment, psychedelia and expectations. We are hoping you will encourage our experiments and come along for the experience, because as far as we can tell there is nothing to compare it to. Just watch your head on the way down. More info @

I'm Melting, and Its Terrifying, Disgusting, and Hilarious. - Notes From an Artist Dreaming of Live Streaming

22 Feb 2020 3 minute read 2 comments World Wide Basement Vibes

I'm an artist. Not a trained artist per se, but I have spent my life finding creative applications of the world immediately around me, and always trying to conjure something new from what little I've got. I still like to play in the dirt, but my muse...

Finding Crypto-Hope & Making Better Sense of the Post-Spotify Landscape with Audius and Emanate

20 Feb 2020 5 minute read 1 comment World Wide Basement Vibes

Hello brave friends, and welcome to my first article on Publish0x. I'll be honest: I just wanted to share my music. I'm still going to, but now as an afterthought. No one is asking for it, but for you random adventurous time-wasters you'll can find t...