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Ways to earn crypto article 2

By HAMZA-1997 | WORLD-TECH PROJECTS | 19 Aug 2020

There are a lot of ways to earn crypto now a days few of them we have discussed earlier which you can read here ways to earn crypto.


You may want to consider becoming a Crypto reporter or article writer. With the development of the crypto industry, More and more news and information websites coming into the market. In many cases, writers are desperately needed in these sites. They are publishing dozens of articles every week. Since it is difficult to find good writers, If you can submit high-quality works you may be able to make a good income Via writing articles about Bitcoin And cryptocurrency. The best way to find work as a writer is direct send them an email and make a profile on freelancing websites like Upwork, Guru, and many more.


Many people start with Bitcoin immediately attracted to the concept of Bitcoin mining. I mean creating magical internet funds From your home computer? Is there a better way?


fine, the truth is today Bitcoin mining has become more professional than hobby. It requires very expensive equipment, High electricity bills, Hardware configuration knowledge, And actual space Store your miners. Mining altcoins are cheaper than what you need to mine Bitcoin. But this only means the hardware cost will be lower. Other troublesome electricity bills, Configuration, maintenance, etc. Basically the same. Sometimes you will encounter a Website or mobile app telling you that they will mine coins for you. Most of these services almost useless and usually consume your device computing power and battery Just give you a few cents in return.

Cloud Mining

Another option is cloud mining. Pay someone else to deal with your mining equipment. Although it sounds ideal, Most cloud mining sites today Just pretend to use your money For mining operations They are actually scams. There are a few legit sites out there, the money you’d pay them to mine Bitcoin is probably better invested just buying Bitcoin. There is a cloud mining site named Genesis mining is the legit one you can try that one.

Crypto Lending


A very popular way of growing up Your Bitcoin wealth through the Bitcoin lending platform. These sites connect borrowers needs crypto with crypto owners who lend them crypto with interest. Because these loans are extremely risky there are  High-interest rates. At first, it seemed like a good thing. But it comes with greater risk there are a lot of lending sites like, nexo etc 

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