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By HAMZA-1997 | WORLD-TECH PROJECTS | 18 Aug 2020

CEX is one of the oldest Bitcoin exchange. But is this really the best place To buy bitcoin?269992c549ba0e25f5067e03aed55e5180c74bcf4c6cf8aae2eb905be2915b6c.jpeg

Was established in London in 2013, CEX started as a Bitcoin exchange And cloud mining 2014, Known as G hash is very popular It occupies 42% of the entire network Mining capacity. Today, CEX is fully operational As a cryptocurrency exchange.CEX requires standards to Know your customers And anti-money laundering policies.

features of

The two main services of CEX are its brokerage business Service and its trading platform. Brokerage service allows you to Buy cryptocurrency Use card or wire transfer. CEX trading platform supplies All basic trading functions, Good liquidity Allow transactions through multiple devices, And provides you with advanced reporting functions. The main difference between The two services are ease of use and cost. Beginners may be better Use brokerage services: It's that simple, And experienced traders Can use trading platform And save a lot of costs.8f21aa800de1617e66b7f23c7983cf358ce16069e28cb50a2ea626ea5b9d49b6.jpeg

CEX is fully licensed and registered as FinCEN and Extensive security measures are in place Protect user funds from DDoS attacks Moreover, it even has two factors Via SMS or Google Authenticator. You can buy 11 most popular cryptocurrencies on credit cards Cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and seller.

CEX also operates CEX Broker, Advanced platform Used for cryptocurrency derivatives trading Which functions Various order types Technical analysis tools Trading tools and leveraged trading. Speaking of support,

It also provides advanced Purchase options, such as margin trading Up to 10 times leverage and Cryptocurrency trading platform with more than 50 trading pairs transaction fees vary According to your monthly transaction volume. as for maker fees, the starting percentage is 0.16 percent for trading volumes below 5 bitcoins and is Commission-free for monthly trading volumes over 6,000 bitcoins.

globally available

With it Simple user-friendly interface CEX  can be a good choice First-time buyers looking for a quick purchase to Buy bitcoin or altcoins. Functioning as both trading service and brokerage service platform, this exchange Provides two types of accounts personal and corporate company accepts The following legal currencies: Euro, British Pound, United States US dollars, and Russian rubles, they Accept users from more than 100 countries/regions worldwide. you can buy all leading digital currencies with Visa and MasterCard at a reduced Commission fee of 2.9% percent.3485a45816c6e7417ce8f061655c363cd2adf4c869e8233d93ca85b36a6af879.jpeg

Overall its fantastic platform for both entry-level and experienced traders




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