Your lips

By emotarge | world of disability | 19 Jul 2021

Its me, sitting here alone and thinking about your lips

And they are originate tulips

I am so drunken from your lips wine that there is no need to barmaid

There are some secrets cant breath out

Because they are hidden behind the faith of your lips

All are dead - both cause and effects 

And they just may again find a chance to be alive by magic of your lips

There has been for a long time that I do not speak even a word 

And, right now, I begin to speak 

That is really because of a pray done by your lips


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I am a writer

world of disability
world of disability

Hi. I live in IRAN and I am both writer and translator. I am a physical disable and here I try to share my experiences as well as circumstances of those like me in Iran society

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