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By T Block | World of Cryptoids | 23 Feb 2022

In our previous article, we’ve talked about how good stats could allow you to make the most of this game. In this guide, we will tell you everything about stats and the formula behind it.

What determines the race of a Cryptoid?

Ancestor Cryptoids will generate six body parts randomly from a genesis egg. Each part belongs to one of the six of the races: Animal, Technology, Vitamin, Food, Fashion, Spirit. 

The common race of the parts will also determine the race of that Cryptoid, and decide the body of the Cryptoid. For example, if a Cryptoid has 3 technology parts, 2 vitamin parts, and 1 spirit part, that Cryptoid will become a technology Cryptoid.


Worth noting that all parts are equal contributing factors in determining race. So as long as that Cryptoid has more parts of the same race, it will belong to that race, regardless of what type of parts it has.

Race-to-Stats Formula

Now that we know how the race of a Cryptoid is determined, we can try to figure out how race affects the stats of a Cryptoid. Below is the base stats of Cryptoid based on race.


After the race of your Cryptoid is determined, it will have base stats for HP, Speed, Skill and Luck, based on the race. 

As you can see in the chart above, some races are excelling in particular stats while falling behind the others. In other words, different races will have an inherent advantage in certain roles. In fact, this mechanic built the foundation of how combat and team building works in the World of Cryptoids.

What race is the best tank Cryptoids?

For example, Food and Fashion have 41 and 43 base HP respectively, which give food and fashion Cryptoids have a much higher chance of surviving enemies’ attacks. This makes food and fashion Cryptoids viable tank options than, for instance, technology Cryptoids with just 27 base HP.

What race makes the best attacker Cryptoids?

On the contrary, animal, spirit, and technology Cryptoids with high speed, luck, and/or skills make them more likely to excel as an attacker than as a tank.

Although having high speeds are almost the essential element of a good attacker, having high luck or skill will alter what types of damage dealer the Cryptoid would become.

You can always go back to our previous article about stats and what it does here WOC101: Four things you should know when picking your Cryptoids

Here is the quick tl:dr instead you don’t have the time: Luck determines how likely your Cryptoid will deal a critical hit and enter Last Miracle while Skill will increase the bonus coming from a combo (the same Cryptoid playing cards of the same race).

Dealing a critical hit will instantly double your damage and maybe turn the tide of the battle around. However, Critical hits are not the most reliable strategy alone. 

Building combo with Skill, on the other hand, is much more reliable compensating the lower damage output. As long as your Cryptoid can constantly play multiple cards of the same race every turn, your Cryptoid could deal quite some consistent damage. This consistency could be achieved by good card management and breeding strategy. 

Bonus stats from the parts of each race

Wait! There is one more thing added into the mix: parts will also grant bonus stats to the Cryptoid based on race. Here is a chart for stat bonus:


The race of the Cryptoid is not the sole factor to determine, whether it makes a good tank/attacker or even a good Cryptoid. A true Cryptoid master will also take bonus stats from every part into a factor when building their Cryptoid dream team.

Similar to base stats for each race, parts also grant bonus stats to a Cryptoid based on which race the parts belong to. 

Let's say you have yourself a Food Cryptoid with 3 food parts, 2 fashion parts, and 1 animal part. The base HP stats of this Cryptoid is 41. 

With the above parts, the HP of this Cryptoid will be
41 (Base HP) +
3 (Number of Food parts) * 3 (Multiplier from Food parts) +
2 (Number of Fashion parts) * 2 (Multiplier from Fashion parts) +
1 (Number of Animal parts) * 0 (Multiplier from Animal parts) = 54 HP. 

With this in mind, you will understand having a pure Cryptoid (A Cryptoid with multiple parts of the same race) is crucial.

In short, there are many different factors you have to consider aside from stats, such as ability and team combinations. However, understanding how parts and races affect the stats of a Cryptoid is the basic rule you can follow upon.

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