[Battle Master Training Camp #04] How to Optimize Your Energy Usage in the World of Cryptoids

By T Block | World of Cryptoids | 10 Apr 2022

If you get the energy, victory is at hand. Gauging your energy and planning your energy usage several turns ahead might just give you the decisive swing to end the battle. Therefore, in this Battle Master Training Camp, you will learn everything about energy management in the World of Cryptoids. We will also go through all the changes about energy in the latest patch.

Current energy system

Starting from the 2nd round of every battle, your Cryptoids will just receive only 4 energy instead of 6 in the previous patch. With less battle energy, every move needs to be precise and every mistake will be amplified and heavily punished by your opponents.

How exactly, you asked? In the previous patch, every round will grant you 6 energy, which roughly gives you a chance of 3~4 abilities per round. That would be an extra 100~200 damage compared to 4 energy per round. That is why the battle in the previous patch is generally faster.

In a faster-paced battle, conditions and special effects that would take time to manifest were often regarded as useless strategies compare to raw damage output. Since now we only have 4 energy per round, both you and your opponent are going to find it difficult to sweep the entire enemy team in a few rounds. 

With that in mind, what to watch out for in energy planning in World of Cryptoids? Don’t sweat it, we are here to give you some advice that could help you step up your energy game. There are different strategies you could consider before and during the fight. Let’s start with the pre-fight strategy first!

Utility ability: Energy control, Special conditions, Status changing

With less battle energy, every strategy will have a significant impact on the outcome of the battle. Gone are the days when you only look at how many heavy-hitting damage abilities are packed within one Cryptoid. On the contrary, players will notice utility ability and their secondary effects are more impactful than before. They could be roughly separated into energy control, special condition, and status changing moves.

Since we are talking about energy management, what serves this purpose better than energy controlling abilities? In the World of Cryptoids, you can steal, destroy and gain energy with abilities. Stealing/destroying 1-2 energy if your enemy has 6 energy might not be that detrimental to the enemy’s plan, but it will devastate them if they only have 4 energy left for one round! 

Special conditions like poison are also a viable strategy to consider since battles general last longer now as they will have a higher total damage output. Therefore, Cryptoids utilising special conditions might have a better chance to shine in this meta, which you might want to be aware of.

Aside from special conditions, status changing moves, such as Atk + / Shield +, will be an important effect you need to incorporate into your strategy to compensate for the decrease in average damage output per round. Because status changing moves usually last longer than one round, the additional damage output per round might outweigh a raw damaging move with 20-40 more attacks.

These are all the pre-fight changes you could consider when forming your new team for this new energy change.

In-fight technique

There are some techniques you might have previously omitted that you should reconsider taking now.

Combo and Chain:

Every buff and debuff are inevitably amplified when you can no longer burst your enemy with one string of attack. One of the biggest buffs you can add to your Cryptoids’ abilities are, without a doubt, are Combo and Chain. A 15% increase in attack (Combo) and shield (Chain) without additional cost will sure play a huge role with less energy circulating per round. 

Hold on:

Yeah, you’ve heard it right. One of the best ways to manage your energy is to hold on to your energy until the perfect moment presents itself. The definition of a perfect moment is sort of intuitive and subjective, but we could suggest some less than perfect moments that you might want to consider holding onto your energy for that turn:

  1. You know your enemy has a big turn and probably will have 300+ shields for this turn
  2. If you didn’t have your best ability at hand
  3. You cannot knock out an enemy’s tank

With less energy flowing around, you can annihilate your opponent on the next turn if they misplayed their big turn, i.e. creating 300+ shield to anticipate your big attack. If you could save up the energy instead for the next turn, you could lay waste to your enemy’s defenceless team. 

All and all, most of the scenarios abide by a similar logic that sometimes it might be worth saving up energy on one turn, with a plan to have a big turn on the next. 

Now that you get a better grip on how to better manage your energy pre-fight and in-fight, this might be the best time to visit our Marketplace again to look for some new Cryptoids for your next team

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