VeChain provides a blockchain-based medical data management platform

VeChain provides a blockchain-based medical data management platform

By ... | World of Crypto | 18 May 2020

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, the number of patients in hospitals around the world is increasing, prompting VeChain to introduce a new blockchain-based E-NewHealthLife platform, which is currently being tested in emergency settings. Developed by IC Dante Digital Healthcare Solutions, VeChain is currently used in the emergency department of one of the largest healthcare institutions in Cyprus.
The app uses encrypted NFC cards that are distributed among patients. This card can automatically identify patients when they enter the emergency room. It also allows them to manage their medical records, track patient queues, and share data with the hospital. Meanwhile, medical centers can use the program to collect and record patient information. VeChain says the program is designed to address technical issues in healthcare, especially in managing and sharing patient data, using blockchain technology. The VeChain Declaration states:

Instead of relying on the exchange of health information or other means of data collection, blockchain technology is able to eliminate intermediaries and access the patient's large-scale population database.

VeChain says the app complies with the EU's General Data Protection Regulations and allows users to have complete control over their medical records and records. Patients can use their personal records to prove their health status, but have full authority to share their data with third parties. VeChain is optimistic that blockchain technology will transform the healthcare industry. By 2025, blockchain technology could save between $ 100 billion and $ 150 billion in medical spending, security technology, performance support, operations, and staffing, the company said.

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