The use of DLT technology by a Japanese publisher of e-books

By ... | World of Crypto | 21 May 2020

With the closure of many schools and bookstores in Japan, MDH (Media Do Holdings) is seeking strong demand for e-books using DLT technology, which will invest $ 2.8 million in DLT's distributed general office technology to sell its e-books. .

According to an article in the Nikkei newspaper, MDH plans to invest 300 million yen (approximately $ 2.8 million) in a DLT to provide e-books over the next two years. The company said that having a history of reliable transactions through this technology makes it possible to sell copied copies and return copyright to publishers and authors. MDH first plans to introduce DLT technology to My Anime List. "MDH President Kyuji Fujita said:

The power of e-books lies in their ease of purchase and use 24 hours a day. The situation created by the Corona virus makes us appreciate e-books and increase their use.

Sales of e-books throughout the Corona
The Japanese e-book distributor currently works with more than 2,000 publishers and 150 online bookstores. The company even announced sales of $ 600 million e-books in the fiscal year ending February 2020, even before telecommuting recommendations for the corona virus. MDH reported a 20 percent increase in e-book sales in April compared to the previous year, possibly due to the closure of bookstores and schools due to the Corona epidemic. Although Prime Minister Shinzo Abe lifted some of these restrictions last week, major cities such as Tokyo are still in a state of emergency.

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