The first website to predict the destruction of Bitcoin no longer exists

The first website to predict the destruction of Bitcoin no longer exists

By ... | World of Crypto | 4 Jun 2020

Bitcoin has been battling its negative thinkers for more than a decade
At first there was bitcoin. This was followed by a seemingly endless stream of people who constantly claimed that it was a dead, worthless currency, a "scam" or even a "mouse trap." Unfortunately for all those pessimists, Beethoven is still alive and breathing, closer than ever, as he approaches his third Hawking event. According to the Bitcoin Obituary page, Bitcoin has been declared 380 times dead since its inception in 2008. The first case was on December 15, 2010, when the price was only $ 0.23, and a group of non-governmental economists published an article entitled "Why Bitcoin Can't Be Currency." Fortunately, Wayback Machine has an archive of this article because The Underground Economist no longer exists.

I am still alive!
In many ways, this article predicts a correct interpretation in terms of time, and suggests that:

People can't spend their bitcoins because they only make a profit by keeping it.

However, it is also predicted that when people make a profit, they will lead Bitcoin to the spiral of death. After all this is:

The supply of bitcoin is fixed and there is no other use for it as a cryptocurrency. I doubt there will be much chance of a price increase because it will happen very soon.

This article concludes that Bitcoin is simply based on its new value and has remained an emerging issue to this day:

The only thing that has kept Beethoven alive for so long is its novelty. Either it retains its character forever, or it dies faster than a flash from an emerging situation.

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