How to make money playing in 2020?

How to make money playing in 2020?

By ... | World of Crypto | 24 May 2020

We can all make money from playing. While many people around the world are now suffering from unemployment, games can create new economies and help people earn money. Athletes who make money from games today include athletes, influential people, YouTube channel owners, and more. Today, many games are played on the Chinese blockchain, and digital currencies are used in these games.

Many of the jobs that exist today in the field of play were not available a decade ago. These games can have a positive effect on the lives of young people living in poverty and homelessness. Now the big question here is, do gaming companies create products that aren't just used by celebrities and that everyone can make money from?

John Linden is a veteran employee of Seismic Games, which launched Mythical Games in 2018. The company raised $ 19 million in November of that year. The company's idea is to make money through digital ownership.

Linden said that people can really make money from the game. He points out that many people have done so in the last decade, but this has not yet received public attention. He has put together an experienced team and his idea is based on the economy of the players' assets. He believes more people can make money from the gaming industry, which is now a $ 150 billion industry.

The Corona Crisis shows the need to make money from the leisure economy

Linden believes that playing has increased during the Corona Crisis, which could accelerate the acceptance of the gaming industry. He believes that as a result of this change in the economy, two patterns will emerge. One of these two patterns is the trader pattern, and such people buy and maintain assets and sell and earn money when their value increases. Another model that will be created is the entrepreneurial model of the game, in which these people identify their field of talent and consider the financial aspect for it.

If you look at the broadcasting industry today, you'll see that the industry is very lucrative. This is a separate industry that can actually be said to be a subset of the gaming industry. Linden points out that there are games today that have millions of users, noting that the use of prominent artists in games can be very effective and attract many users. He also praises the 100 Thieves team and talks about making a lot of money and their transactions in the informal eBay market.

Mythical Games is working on an open source solution called Goods to create criteria for creating, managing, and distributing game assets using China's blockchain technology. Blockchain is a transparent, decentralized and secure technology. This technology makes it easier to track transactions and visit. Mythical Games has created Blankos, a Sandbox world where people can use it to create entertainment in the game.

The players of these games can sell the things they have created to other players, and these new players can also add options to them and start selling and making money again. The rights and rewards of the original creator will be protected in this process, and whenever a sale is made, the original creator will receive a percentage of the profit. This is just like the airline loyalty programs that are offered to customers.

Linden states that people can bring their new rules and patterns into the game world. They can use these assets to earn long-term income. This is what people like Linden are aiming for, and he and others like him want to bring more shareholders into the gaming industry.

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