Gamers get a discount for buying Atari consoles with Lite coin
Gamers get a discount for buying Atari consoles with Lite coin

By Queen CZ🍒 | World of Crypto | 23 May 2020

The legendary video game company Atari; It works with the Litecoin Foundation to benefit from commonalities among the community of cryptocurrency and gamer activists. As a result, in addition to being able to purchase the company's video console using Bitcoin and etherium, users will also be able to use Litecoin to purchase this product.
Cooperation between Atari Company and LiteCoin Foundation
Atari announced a partnership with the Litecoin Foundation on Tuesday. In this collaboration, commonalities in the gaming community and cryptocurrencies are targeted.

Atari has raised $ 74.19 worth of $ 514,000 during its initial coin offer. Atari is now expected to accept investment from LiteCoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC) and etherium token (ETH), and gamers will be able to pay for the company's upcoming console video game (VCS) with Lite coin. And with this action, they will also receive a discount. The console will be available in Atari's online store.


Frederic Chesnais; Atari hopes the LiteCoin user community will welcome the partnership:

Litecoin has a large community of users. There is a good overlap (between Litecoin and Atari activities). Finally, we hope that users will take advantage of the discounts offered and the opportunity to use Litecoin.
Frederic Chesnais

Overlap between gamers and cryptocurrency activists
Jay Milla; The head of marketing at the LiteCoin Foundation believes that there is overlap between the gaming community and the community of LiteCoin users.

Atari and the LiteCoin Foundation have a tremendous connection to gaming and gamers. Many users of cryptocurrencies are also involved in gaming, and gamers are usually the first to accept cryptocurrencies. Reconstructing brands like Atari is very interesting. We have plans to work with Atari in all areas of activity.
Jay Milla

Also, according to Atari's CEO, the video console can be used in a variety of blockchain applications!

The Atari console is amazing and looks like a personal computer. So I think it could be a very flexible platform for blockchain.
Frederic Chesnais

The gaming industry has recently become one of the most attractive areas for using and expanding blockchain technology. The collaboration between Atari and the Litecoin Foundation could accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the gaming world.

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