­čŤ░Bitcoin in space: 25-fold increase in blockchain satellite network speed

By ... | World of Crypto | 30 May 2020

Blockstream recently updated its satellite network, which carries Bitcoin's blockchain, for the first time in two years. Data rates are now 25 times faster, and users can sync an entire node without an Internet connection. Blockstream satellite service provides cryptocurrency transactions to Bitcoin users anywhere in the world without the need for the Internet.
The company has used six space satellites to cover the continents of Africa, Europe, South America and North Asia, and the Asian region of the Pacific Ocean. According to the company's May 4 website, Block Stream's No. 2 satellite includes standard broadcast protocol, more bandwidth, wider coverage areas, and "the possibility of synchronizing Node full bitcoins from its first block so far."

The whole history of Bitcoin is shining through space
The announcement reads:

Instead of asking users to connect their entire Node bitcoin to the Internet for initial synchronization, blockchain streaming satellite users can connect the full Node bitcoin and download the entire bitcoin blockchain completely, from the initial block in 2009 to the latest transactions. Day ... There is no need for internet at all!

This is the first update since the introduction of the Application Programming Interface (API) in December 2018 and after the first version of their protocol in August 2017. In the new update, the DVB-S2 protocol reportedly improves bandwidth and signal reliability, provides higher bit rates, and increases data capacity and bandwidth. Senior Blockchain Strategy (CSO) CEO Samsung Moo took the opportunity to hastily attack his rival on the blockchain page and post a comment with this text:

It takes less time to synchronize a Node bitcoin via a blockstream satellite than to synchronize a Node Ethereum full.

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