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Top Five Truths About Cats!

By Neo77 | World of Cats & Dogs | 16 May 2022

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CATS - those wonderful creatures, beautiful "balls of wool", which make us happy day by day with their playfulness and mischief. Their kindness relieves us of stress and makes our day more beautiful. How much love and tenderness there is in that "shaggy ball", only we, the owners of them, know. But also, they will show arbitrariness and stubbornness because they are CATS with character. And just when we think we know them well, they always surprise us. How much do we really know about these big spoiled CATS, we will find out below, because I bring you the top 5 truths about cats and the few most interesting facts about CATS.


That this is so is proved by a series of examples from everyday life, where CAT falls from a great height and stays alive, because it gets to its feet. Remember the New York CATS that survived the crash - one from the 32nd floor of a skyscraper, and a CAT by the name of Sugar from the 19th floor of the building? Some are superstitious, so they say it is because CAT has nine lives. But what is it really about? As our PETS are descendants of wild animals that live on trees, evolution has enabled them to survive falls from great heights by developing a straighten reflex at an early age. Thanks to the flexible spine and the expanded center for orientation and balance, they can bend the body into a position like a parachute. This will allow them to turn to their feet when falling, thus mitigating the fall. According to the explanations of physics, the surface of a CAT's body in relation to its weight is much larger, so when it falls freely, it will reach maximum speed faster, but also slow down by approaching the ground. According to some research, this speed is 97 km/h in CATS and up to 193 km/h in humans.


Although they like to drink cow's milk, it is not good for CATS because they do not have lactose tolerance. In other words, they can’t digest lactose because they don’t have the enzyme in their gut that allows them to. Only KITTENS have this enzyme while the CAT is breastfeeding. With the development and growing up, they gradually lose it, so CATS who drink milk will have digestive problems in the form of stomach pain, diarrhea, or vomiting. Also, due to the high concentration of milk fats contained in milk, just one plate a day can cause obesity in CATS. Therefore, forget those scenes from the popular "cartoons" with CAT who drinks delicious milk from her bowl, and rather provide her with quality WET FOOD and water!


Although many of us will resort to STERILIZATION, ie CASTRATION of CATS, in order to prevent unwanted litter, just a few of us know that this also prevents various CAT diseases: feline AIDS, feline leukemia, or purulent inflammation of the uterus, whereby enable CATS longer and better life. Sterilized or castrated CATS are less aggressive and do not roam as much as they used to. They are gentler, calmer, and more relaxed, so they are less likely to be run over by a car or get into a fight with another CAT. By sterilization and castration, CATS are less physically active, and their appetite increases. This regularly, in most cases, causes CAT obesity, and weight gain, as we know, can lead to many health problems, such as diabetes, kidney disease, lower urinary tract infections, etc. Therefore, a nutritionally balanced DIET, adapted to the needs of a sterilized and castrated CAT, is advised. According to the profession, the best age for a CAT to be sterilized or castrated is before sexual maturity. For females, it is from 4-6 months of age, and for males over 7-8 months, ie earlier, if they are marking the space in the house. Of course, these procedures can be performed later. It should be emphasized that in both sterilization and castration, the recovery of the CAT is relatively fast, so she soon returns to her daily activities.


We all know that CATS like to sleep a lot, even 12-16 hours a day. But did you know that your PET, while sleeping dreams? Research has shown us that this is possible. What CATS dream about, we can't know for sure, but we can guess. So, for example, if your PET in a dream often moves his head as if he is following something, he probably dreams of hunting for some prey. However, CATS can also have nightmares. We can notice this if they twitch during sleep. Also, these twitches in the opinion of the profession can only be muscle twitches typical of the REM phase of sleep. Experts recommend that you do not wake your CAT at this stage of sleep, because it could bite or scratch you due to the shock caused by waking up.


Just as in humans one hand is dominant, so he is accordingly right-handed or left-handed, research shows that CATS have a dominant paw. Thus, females are more often right-handed, and males are left-handed. We cannot fail to notice here the resemblance to humans, for men are, compared to women, also more often left-handed. Experts say it probably has to do with hormones and reactions to stress. This means that right-handed animals rely more on the left hemisphere of the brain and react less to fear and cope better with stress, while in left-handed people the situation is reversed. Whether your CAT is right-handed or left-handed, you will find out by following which paw he reaches for TOYS or FOOD, with which paw he first goes to the SAND or goes down the stairs.

If you really want to get to know your CATS, watch them, cuddle them and play with them! This will not only teach you a lot of important things for them, but also for living together with them, in order to enable them a safe, quality and fun life.

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