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By NIl25 | World Mystery | 11 May 2022

The Dark Web is an invisible part of the Internet. Simply put, the Dark Web is a part of the Internet that is not indexed by search engines.
"The Dark Web is made up of a lot of information and for technical reasons that cannot be cataloged or updated by search engines," said Kejaya Muñoz, a McAfee security researcher at Alfonso. Studies have shown that the Deep Web represents 90% of the Internet.

                                                                 deep web vs dark web vs surface web
The "Deep Web" started in 1994 and was known as the "Hidden Web". It was named 'Deep Web' in 2001, "said Kejaya Muñoz.
Tor (short for The Onion Router) is the key web portal to Deep Web. It encrypts user information and sends it to a worldwide network through a volunteer server. With this method it is almost impossible to track users or user's information.

The way of connecting Deep Web

Visiting the Deep Web is not too difficult, nor is it very straightforward! To enter the Dark Web, you need to have some technical and web ideas! To enter the Deep Web, you must first download the Tor Browser, which will allow you to access the Dark Web!

Tor browser

You can use Tor on any PC, Mac or even any mobile device with iPhone and Android. However, if you use Firefox, you will need to install Torbutton first. After installing Torbutton, you will see an onion-like logo near the address bar of your browser. If you login to the Tor network correctly, you can start exploring the Deep Web.

                                                                     tor browser

But, remember, here you will not find anything like the visible web, because there is no search engine like Google that will find everything in a matter of moments. Instead, it is an aggregatet link like Wikis and BBS that will show you the location of Deep Web. These sites are usually bizarre and unmemorable!

Such as: http://zqktlwiuavvvqqt4ybvgvi7tyo4hjl5xgfuvpdf6otjiycgwqbym2qad.onion/

Deep Web domains are .onion instead of .com. Because these links are bizarre, if you spend significant time here, you will not be able to remember where they came from. To save the URLs, bookmark is the only way.

What can you find on the Deep Web?

Many users are already familiar with the dark side of the Internet! How To Download Illegal Music, Watch Latest Movies For Free, Or Order Extra Drugs For Less Money. But the Deep Web goes farther, almost unimaginably farther.

In addition, child pornography, arms trafficking, drugs, mercenaries, prostitutes, terrorism, etc. have made the Deep Web the largest black market.
"On the Deep Web site, you can find groups selling stolen credit cards, cloning credit cards at ATMs, selling cocaine and more," said Dmitry Bestuzhev, director of analysts at Kaspersky's lab team.

One such popular black market is "Silk Road"!

Silk Road is popular for buying and selling drugs on the Deep Web! From ecstasy to pure MDMA, marijuana, psychedelics opiates and seeds, they sell drugs to a userbase. They have sections for cracking, sulfuric acid and liquid mercury, 'money' for stolen credit cards, travellers' checks and counterfeit bills and coins, 'jewellery' like akata stone, good 'lab supplies', and so on.

                                                     silk road

Most transactions on the Deep Web are usually conducted through Cryptocurrency. You can buy everything with this digital currency. You can even hire a prostitute! Until now, however, these transactions have been anonymous.

I am giving you a STRONG WARNING, be careful about which site you are visiting or which link you are clicking on. Wiki pages are generally safe sites, but stay away from places labeled "chan" or "bulletin board." Because, most of them contain child pornography! Some of the deep web sites have gang tips, how to explode somewhere, murder someone, all the illigel of the world can be found here.
But not all Deep Web sites are bad again! Like WikiLeaks, it was a deep web before came out in public! If anyone still wants to publish important information on WikiLeaks, it is possible to do so through the Deep Web! Another example is the anonymous group, which organizes massive attacks on all types of organisations through Tor.

Some deep web address (Be careful before click this): 

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