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'Dislike' cannot be seen on YouTube!

By NIl25 | World Mystery | 16 Nov 2021

How many dislikes a video has received will no longer be visible to YouTube users shortly. YouTube says that the changes are aimed at protecting users from "dislike bombing" and protecting content creators from being embarrassed. Usually, some rogue users start 'Dislike Bombing' by planning to remove viewers from a video.

There has been a mixed reaction to YouTube's move. While many content creators have applauded, some have commented that it is not an appropriate measure against 'dislike bombing'. 


Interestingly, the announcement has received 53,000 dislikes on YouTube so far. Because YouTube has not yet fully implemented the process. So Content Creators can still see the dislike of their videos. 

To illustrate how effective the case would be, a 16-year-old university student from Bradford has only 200 subscribers to his music uploading channel on YouTube. As a result of this decision, smaller content creators will be more secure as they have the Dislike Hide function. If the total number of dislikes can not be seen, it will be helpful for the mental health of the Content Creators.

Meanwhile, YouTube has been working since the beginning of this year to exclude all misinformation about anti-vaccines as well as ban the advertisement of misinformation related to climate. Total Dislike Hides to Reduce Integrated Attacks by Online Trolls.







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