Over 2 Dozen Killed in Venezuelan Landslides

At least 25 people have been confirmed dead while over 50 others are still missing following torrential downpours that triggered landslides in the town of Las Tejerías, Venezuela. Among the dead are 2 toddlers. Venezuelan media reports say that torrential downpours brought by Hurricane Julia, which passed just north of the South American nation, caused the El Pato river to burst its banks, resulting in fast-moving floodwaters that destroyed vehicles, homes, and other buildings in the town. Interior Minister Remigio Ceballos said that as much rain seen in a month fell in a single day. 

As of now, the total economic damage of the rainfall and subsequent flooding is still unknown, but interviews of locals by media outlets suggest that the city of Las Tejerías currently has no electricity nor reliable clean water services while many key roads are blocked by debris. 


As of now, about 1,000 search-and-rescue alongside other emergency personnel such as police officers were deployed to the town while thousands of personnel have been deployed to other areas also affected by the rainfall and flooding. Trained sniffer dogs and drones are reportedly also on-site. Three other nearby states also suffered from flooding and property/infrastructure damage, but no severe injuries or deaths have been reported from these states so far. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro declared a 3-day period of national mourning while Vice-President Delcy Rodríguez expressed his condolences to the families who have lost members in the incident. 

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