Another List of Museums and Exhibits to Check Out at Home!
Another List of Museums and Exhibits to Check Out at Home!

A few days ago, the staff team of the World International News Group posted a list of museums around the world offering virtual tours. To help continue passing time and partake in social distancing amid the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, our staff team has compiled another list featuring more museums, monuments, and landmarks around the world that you can check out without leaving home! Please note that many of these websites are best viewed through a computer such as a laptop of desktop.  

1. The Museum of Flight - Tukwila, Washington, USA


Attracting over half a million visitors each year, the world's largest private air and space museum offers virtual tours alongside 360 degree panoramic shots of incredible aircraft such as the Antonov An-2, the Boeing B-29 superfortress, and the supersonic Concorde supersonic passengerliner.  

2. Yellowstone National Park - Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana, USA


The first national park of the United States of America is offering virtual tours across the park, showing off incredible sites such as the Old Faithful geyser and the Mud Volcano. The park is known for its geothermal features alongside wildlife.  

3. The Great Wall of China - China


With thousands of kilometers of walls and thousands of years of history, this ancient defensive formation is one of the most well-known attractions in China.  

4. The National Aquarium - Maryland, USA


The National Aquarium of Baltimore, Maryland, features live cameras of sharks, jellyfish, and more!  

5. The Louvre - Paris, France


The world's largest and most-visited art museum located in Paris is offering virtual tours of incredible exhibits free of charge!  

6. Van Gogh Museum - Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam's Van Gogh contains the world's largest collection of artworks by Vincent van Gogh, featuring hundreds of paintings, drawings, and personal letters.  

Over the next few days, our staff team will post more things to do to pass time in lockdowns and quarantines. Remember to take care, stay healthy, and stay inside whenever possible! Please note that all photos used in this article are from the public domain, and can be used for commercial purposes without attribution or citations.


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