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By Marekiaro | work&training | 21 Mar 2022

$SOY deposits are open on #XTexchange

 A chance to discover #SoyFinance and the upcoming milestones:

 SOY #Staking  Launch on #BitTorrent chain  X-chain Bridge ...And more!

Read our article available in English and Chinese!




The #SoyFinance introduction video is about to reach 150 000 views on Youtube  Check it out if you missed it!…

$SOY | #SOY | #DeFi





 Soy Staking is Live on Testnet!

Featuring a 36x multiplier, $SOY staking is expected to be the most profitable in the #DeFi industry!

Let's get ready for the launch very soon

#XTexchange #SOY






Upon completing the #SoyFinance IDO, we reviewed and updated the $SOY token key figures, especially the circulating supply.

 Soy Token in Figures - Average Buy Price: 0,16 USD 

Tokens Sold: 3 822 773 SOY (50% Locked) 

Updated Circulating Supply: 41 478 743 SOY







SOY Token Burn #15 We burnt 923 076 SOY tokens, equivalent to 111 000 USD!!!

 New max supply: 583 384 632 $SOY

 Total supply of SOY tokens suppressed forever: 2,77%

 Burn Tx:

 Another SOY #TokenBurn is scheduled for next week






 Grow your capital in a safer #DeFi environment.

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