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Spannabis is a fair entirely dedicated to cannabis that has been held in Barcelona every year since 2002. From the relatively private event organized by a group of young enthusiasts, Spannabis has quickly established itself as a must-see fair in Europe and then, little by little, all over the world with more and more representatives of the American market now present. According to the organizers, the "Spannabis" cannabis cup is now the largest cannabis fair in the world, and certainly the most important on a European scale.




Originally Spannabis, or rather "La Feria del Canamo", is a Spanish SME based in Madrid. According to the description proposed by the company itself, it is composed of a group file of young people from the web, communication and design, gathered around the organization of events and the publication of magazines. In fact, if you dig a little deeper, you realize that Spannabis is just the tip of the iceberg as the company is also at the origin of dedicated publications: Cannabis Magazine, El Cultivador, Global Hemp Guide and Guía del cáñamo, a guide to cannabis in Portugal and Spain.





A highly anticipated Spannabis event is their cannabis cup, or Spannabis Champions Cup. Equivalent to the Oscars for the cannabis industry, this competition awards a prize and prizes to the best cannabis strains tested among the champions voted by the jury.




Finally, Spannabis also wants to be a meeting and relaxation place for cannabis lovers. For the occasion, numerous food stands and a stage were set up, with a nice program largely focused on reggae and ska. Damian Marley, son of Bob Marley, participated in particular in the 2019 edition.





Over the past weekend, the eighteenth edition of Spannabis was held, the international cannabis fair held in Barcelona and which in recent years has become one of the most important fairs in Europe. After having witnessed the cancellation of all events in the last two years due to the pandemic, in the spring of 2021 the Cannatrade edition marked the restart of the sector fairs and the new edition of Spannabis, with about 22,000 visitors present despite the rain, confirms that the sector is ready to restart.

A great restart for the most important Spanish fair which hosted about 300 exhibitors from all over the world, with a large presence of seedbanks and companies with innovative products from the USA, where the legal cannabis market is growing rapidly, creating great social and economic opportunities . In addition, there is also a large presence of companies that deal with lighting, with new LEDs and increasingly performing lamps, fertilizers, neutralizers of odors of organic origin, articles for smokers - including papers that unfortunately in Italy due to the monopoly instead we will certainly not see. There are also several companies that work with CBD, but to a lesser extent in Italy where the sector is much larger due to the legislative situation, and industry associations represented by activists, doctors and lawyers.

On the outside, in addition to being present several food trucks, which offered dishes from different parts of the world including hemp, a stage was set up where artists, MCs and DJs entertained the numerous reggae, dub, afrobeat and hip hop notes on the notes of reggae, dub, afrobeat and hip hop. public for all 3 days.

Also this year the Spannabis auditorium hosted the eighth edition of the World Cannabis Conferences, on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 March, which organized several conferences with thematic blocks to share knowledge and keep up with the latest industry trends.

Within a truly international context, professionals, scientists, politicians and industry leaders shared the latest research and industry news from Spain to the United States via South America.

The Spanish Champions Cup could not be missing for a complete edition, which this year too decreed the winners of the various categories present.

Once again Spannabis confirms itself as an important European reference point for the growth and development of the sector.








Everything is ready for the seventh edition of Canapa Mundi which will take place from 1 to 3 April 2022 at Fiera di Roma, one of the largest and most accredited exhibition centers in Europe and in digital version for the entire duration of 2021.

Canapa Mundi, which since the 6th edition takes place at the great exhibition center of the architect Tommaso Valle, is the luckiest international trade fair in Europe, the only one that has managed to carry out regularly and the 2020 edition in Italy, despite the Coronavirus emergency and subsequent forced confinement.

An International Fair is a unique driving force for the market it represents and never before is it essential to support companies working in the hemp sector. For this reason we have decided to calm the prices for the 2022 edition and bet together with them on the future of this market, as well as to inaugurate a digital fair, to meet all companies and all visitors who still experience binding problems related to dramatic global pandemic.

The exponential growth of Canapa Mundi is now known to all operators in the sector; the result of painstaking work, made up of many choices at times very courageous, which led the Fair to register up to 30,000 visitors per edition.

From the first year we have quintupled the space available to exhibitors; the number of visitors quintupled and the cultural events increased tenfold. The children's area alone has come to accommodate 400 children aged 20 and older and the free public shuttles accompanied more than 4000 visitors during the last edition, compared to 900 in the first year.

Canapa Mundi has always been able to offer many types of stands, suitable for every need: from large two-storey islands to small artisan stands, available at advantageous prices for companies in the "industrial hemp" sector.









KanabaFest – The fastest growing cannabis event in Poland.




The 6th edition of Kanaba Fest will take place on May 7-8, 2022 in an exciting new location. You will find us in old Gdańsk Shipyard on Elektryków street, in the epicenter
of city life, with vibrant atmosphere, a wonderful view where you can vent your culinary and musical fantasies. The uniqueness of this place will be appreciated primarily by people who appreciate the post-industrial architecture, urban art scene and a flamboyant vibe.


The hemp market is developing very quickly and brings us new discoveries each year. New companies and products arouse interest of recipients with their solutions on a regular basis. During our event, you will get to know the most interesting brands in the industry and see an innovative range. During Kanaba Fest, you can talk to the exhibitors in person and get special fair offers! 













The 20years CannaTrade – Festival took place as an event permitting max. 500 people in accordance with the valid safety measures and was deemed to be a great success: all three days were completely sold out with 500 visitors each day and left visitors and exhibitors alike feeling very satisfied. The anticipation is now growing for 20-22 May 2022 when CannaTrade will return on the usual scale with 300 stands over an area of 12,000 m2, again at the site of the BernExpo in Bern.



CannaTrade is 20 years old!

A historical summary of 20 years CannaTrade and the history of hemp in Switzerland

The history of CannaTrade began in 2001, when Marco Kuhn - the founder of CannaTrade - turned the "Swiss Hemp Days" into the international hemp trade fair CannaTrade in Bern for the first time. This was during the days of Switzerland’s hemp shops, known as ‘Duftsäckli’, when Switzerland was almost home to more hemp shops than bakeries! The reason for this was a loophole in the narcotics law which only explicitly prohibited hemp when it began to be used for intoxication purposes. For several years, Switzerland was the number one country for cannabis and anyone who was anyone on the scene flocked to this Alpine land to be a part of this green gold rush. Marco Kuhn invested everything in these times to turn the small Swiss hemp fair into THE international meeting place for the cannabis industry. Thank you, Marco!

At this time, CannaTrade was one of Europe’s three hemp exhibitions alongside ‘Cannabusiness’ in Germany and ‘Highlife’ in Holland and it is the only one of the three to have survived the tough years which followed. The decline in all of the countries was triggered by a shift in the political situation. Germany, still known as taking a repressive approach to cannabis, was the first to slam the brakes on and Cannabusiness disappeared from the scene in 2005. The Highlife trade fair in Holland survived a few years longer but soon had to close its doors too, despite Holland’s liberal policy on cannabis. CannaTrade suffered following the end of the legendary ‘Duftsäckli’ period: but up until 2008, it was still permitted to sell hemp seeds (to sow) and at this time, around 40% of exhibitors at CannaTrade were doing this. However the fun came to an end just three days (!) before the final hemp fair in Bern in spring 2008.

Ben Arn, the organizer of CannaTrade since 2006, still vividly recalls this day: “We were already in the festival hall setting up at the BernExpo in Bern when the notification came from the authorities. There were to be no seeds permitted on the exhibition site and any stands found to be in breach of this ruling would be shut down without delay. I looked around the hall and saw the large logo of the Greenhouse Seed Cooperation which was already hanging from the ceiling and then had to inform all 30 seed banks that they were no longer permitted to sell seeds at the exhibition”. The damage was enormous – exhibitors and visitors alike were disappointed and CannaTrade was virtually dead. The seeds business increasingly moved to California and Spain because the laws on cultivating cannabis were being relaxed there at the same time.

Despite the trying circumstances, there were no thoughts of giving up at the CannaTrade offices (yet). In 2009, when the Ice Hockey World Championships were scheduled for the same time period as the trade fair and so all hotel rooms in Bern were booked up over the CannaTrade weekend, in addition to smoking having been banned in Bern, CannaTrade opted to relocate to the Basel, a city on the Rhine between the countries of Switzerland, Germany and France - where smoking had also not yet been made illegal. With the exception of most of the seed banks, it was possible to persuade the exhibitors to come to Basel where they could secure customers from all three countries, thereby retaining the status of the trade fair. However, the departure of the seed banks triggered an inevitable downward spiral which was foreseeable in advance: after all, if you cannot plant anything, you do not need any cultivation tools and CannaTrade could not survive solely from its smoking accessory stands.

Following two trade fairs in Basel which made a financial loss, CannaTrade took a break in 2011 to redefine itself. While Spain permitted Cannabis Social Clubs and various US states authorized cannabis for medical use and subsequently for leisure consumption, this was a time of status quo for drugs policy in Switzerland. The rejected Hemp Initiative of 2008 was still too fresh in the memory for any change to happen soon. Yet it was in this year, unnoticed by many, that the foundations were laid for the current boom in CBD. Switzerland changed the maximum permitted THC value for (industrial) help from 0.3% to max. 1%. Without realizing the impact that this half a percent of THC would have, from 2012 the organizers planned to run CannaTrade every two years as a small yet refined hemp trade fair in Switzerland. A suitable hall was identified in the form of the city hall in Dietikon and a total of three CannaTrade exhibitions were hosted here on the edge of the metropolis of Zurich up until 2016. It was not an international hemp fair but rather a Swiss gathering for the industry, with a few foreign guests reminiscing about the good old days or seeking to retain a foothold in Switzerland. It was fun, despite being voluntary on the part of the organizers.

And this continued until spring 2016 when the CannaTrade telephone rang and a customer by the name of Bio Can AG announced that they wanted to exhibit cannabis flower at CannaTrade 2016. Cannabis flower? Ben Arn recalls the moment as if it were yesterday. “I was getting out of my car when my phone rang and I was told in confidence that a method had been found of selling weed legally at the trade fair. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I thought it must be a joke and asked to see the official documents. When I received them a short time later, I immediately felt a sense of hope that all the waiting had been worthwhile and the Swiss hemp industry and, with it CannaTrade, would flourish like before…” And so the time came. Not in 2016 but by the following year it was back and with it, the gold rush atmosphere. CannaTrade moved from Dietikon to Hall 622 in Zürich-Oerlikon and the 2018 and 2019 trade fairs quickly sold out. The leisurely Swiss hemp fair was transformed overnight into one of the key meeting places for the European cannabis industry. Customers from over 40 countries attended the trade fair in 2019 and so the next step was clear: time to return to the start, to Bern and Switzerland’s largest exhibition center.

The plan was for CannaTrade 2020 to be twice as big as in 2018 and 2019 and even bigger than before. The run-up was (and still is!) intense with work taking place day and night. Up until March 2020, that is. When a small virus paralyzed the whole world and made it impossible for CannaTrade 2020 to go ahead. Everything had to be halted two months before the exhibition date, a financial disaster as Ben Arn explains. “Imagine, after 10 months of intense work, all the partners and services being booked and some already purchased and paid for and then the trade fair had to be cancelled”. But the exhibitors did their bit, did not request back their deposit payments and helped to fill the Covid void with a 25% surcharge. And all this in spite of the fact that the trade fair cannot go ahead in 2021 either and has provisionally been postponed until May 2022. Ben Arn explains their loyalty. “On the one hand, it is clear that this relates to the shift in political circumstances. Thanks to pilot projects (experimental items) and the new legislation relating to the cultivation and export of medicinal THC cannabis, Switzerland is back on the international cannabis stage. Add to this the fact that we have a long-standing and often very close and friendly relationship with many of the exhibitors. Both have meant that we were not just left high and dry”.

So now, in its 20th year, CannaTrade is looking to the future with calm and positivity. The trade fair is fully booked for 2022 and the Covid-enforced break has been used to launch a new series of events exclusively for business customers. Last September, the first B2B networking event was organized in Zurich under the name of ‘CB Club – Cannabis Business Club of Switzerland’. The next event will take place in Montreux, as soon as Covid conditions permit events of 200 people to go ahead again. And in September of this year, the first purely business fair will take place in Zurich under the name of ‘CB Expo – Cannabis Business Expo and Conference’. Despite the ongoing lockdown in Europe, the fair is already half booked up and at present, it can be assumed that the fair will go ahead because it is designed to accommodate 500 – max. 1000 guests per day and not 10,000 like the large CannaTrade visitor fair.

CannaTrade aims to celebrate its birthday based on the same motto – with an event for 500 people. On the weekend of 2-4 July 2021, the ‘20 years CannaTrade – Festival’ will take place at the premises of BernExpo where the trade fair originated and will return next year – with 20 trade fair stands and all the established highlights such as the CannaSwissCup awards show, the Joint Roll Contest Swiss Championship and the Hemp Food Festival. Despite everything, Ben Arn is convinced that the CannaTrade ambience will still be present in a smaller setting with some music and a covered chill-out area. “After over a year without events, without live music and without CannaTrade, I am really looking forward to the weekend – and I am assuming I am not alone! The ‘20 years CannaTrade’ event will be a mix of back-to-the-roots and anticipation of the next big CannaTrade”.











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