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  328f908bcc6223880b6dea8b33048cde80a54c99757a95526f114610b36c3ee7.jpg         What is Green Metaverse Token (GMT)?

GMT is the governance token of STEPN with a limited supply of 6 billion tokens.

When should I buy Green Metaverse Tokens (GMT)?

Players buy GMTs to burn in the STEPN app in order to access features provided by STEPN, such as mint high-quality Sneakers, upgrade high-quality Gems and participate governance voting.

What is STEPN?

STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app with fun social elements and gamification design. Users equipped with NFT Sneakers – walk, jog or run outdoors to earn GST, which can be used to level up and mint new Sneakers.

Player can choose to lease or sell their NFT Sneakers on the in-app Marketplace; users’ GST earnings are stored in the in-app Wallet, which has a built-in Swap function.

Who is behind STEPN?

STEPN is created by Find Satoshi Lab, an Australian-based fintech studio. The team won the 2021 Solana Ignition Hackathon Gaming Track and is part of DeFi Alliance Gaming cohort.








What is STEPN?

STEPN is the first move2earn mobile NFT game powered by Solana where players can walk, jog or run outdoors with an NFT Sneaker to earn tokens. STEPN aims to inspire millions to engage in healthier lifestyles by bringing them into the Web 3.0 world while contributing positively to carbon neutrality.

To get started with the move-to-earn app, users have to deposit Solana’s native SOL token in STEPN’s in-app wallet, buy a sneaker NFT from its in-app marketplace, and wait for 24 hours for “energy” replenishment. Energy is how many minutes a user gets for exercising with a sneaker NFT, said Rong.




The StepN team is looking to take advantage of fitness and the incredible social atmosphere behind the phenomena. There are millions of fitness freaks in the world who work with countless apps and programs. What StepN is building will tap into the social and community elements to revolutionize how blockchain technology is used for earning. 




The unique Move-to-Earn concept is something Kwong and his team believes can help onboard myriad new users to crypto. Kwong acknowledges the difficulties of initial entry but believes that users will flock to his app once these barriers are assuaged. But the Move-to-Earn will not be the only concept that brings users to the app––in fact, Kwong thinks it will be secondary.





STEPN is the winner of Solana Ignition Hackathon Gaming Track. It is also the only mobile game to win the Hackathon. Through an easy-to-use interface, built-in Marketplace and Wallet, STEPN’s game design, and the objective to nudge millions of non-Crypto people to use this app has won the Hackathon judges’ approval.




Game Modes

The application has 3 modes for users to freely participate and earn money: Solo, Marathon, and Background Mode.

Solo Mode: In solo mode, users can earn tokens by moving. Their income depends on two things: their level of physical activity and the rarity/attribute of the Sneakers they own.

Marathon Mode: There are weekly and monthly Marathon competitions and users need to register for each race separately 24 hours before starting the online Marathon.

Background Mode: Users can earn GST even without the app and repair costs with at least one pair of sneakers in their inventory. When the STEPN app is turned off, Background Mode pulls the step count directly from the mobile device’s Health Data. Steps achieved in Background Mode (walking, jogging, or jogging) will not reduce the Endurance of the sneakers.




STEPN is the first Web3 NFT game that requires you to literally move from place to place for any progression. The more you move, the more tokens you earn. You’ve heard of NFT games and play-to-earn titles. Nowadays, they’re usually the same thing.





STEPN is the first Web3 NFT game that requires you to literally move from place to place for any progression. The more you move, the more tokens you earn.

You’ve heard of NFT games and play-to-earn titles. Nowadays, they’re usually the same thing. 

There’s quite a variety to these games - from solving jigsaw puzzles to dismembering aliens to buying virtual lands, all mixed up in one goofy bag.

One thing they have in common is they’re extremely easy to play. Some are more entertaining than others, but the main appeal is how little effort you have to put in to make a quick buck.

That was until we heard about STEPN, the first Web3 NFT game, which sort of threw the effortless concept out the window.

This game requires you to literally move from place to place for any progression. The more you move, the more tokens you earn, and the more tokens you have, the higher chance you’d win valuable items.

In a way, you could call it a move to earn game. 

The amount of physical exertion required to play this game can be daunting to most modern-day gamers. 






Like any other NFT game, STEPN operates on a blockchain and issues its own token for in-game utility. 

In this case, the game went live on the Solana blockchain, an increasingly competitive cryptocurrency. You can use SOL to purchase any STEPN products on its marketplace, but the game itself uses Green Satoshi Tokens (GST) and this is what you’ll be earning.

One GST is worth just over $2.50 and one SOL hovers around the $90 mark. There’s also a governance token, GMT, which is worth more than GST and used in endgame content. You can earn GMT as well as you level up. Depending on the type of sneakers you use, you have the option of earning GST or GMT. They all would be the same once you convert to Solana.





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