CoinaryTV and CYT 📺

CoinaryTV and CYT 📺

By Marekiaro | work&training | 28 Jul 2021

CoinaryTV is the largest and fastest-growing Spanish-speaking crypto Youtube channel in the world 🤯, and they have been developing Dragonary for months with the goal of creating an accessible blockchain-based play-to-earn game that will attract both gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike.

Built atop the Callisto network, Coinary has developed a unique single sign-in method allowing both crypto-native and non crypto-native users to participate in their complete ecosystem with zero fees.

CYT is the main token used across the entire Coinary and Dragonary ecosystem, allowing you to purchase dragons, power-ups, and other bonuses from the marketplace.


Introducing Dragonary 🐲

Dragonary is a brand new game being developed by CoinaryTV for Desktop, iPhone, and Android, where users can play to earn in-game currency. You can collect, trade, and breed various dragon NFTs and battle against the game or other players to win!

Dragons in the game are also collectable as NFTs that can be traded, sold, or bought on the Dragonary marketplace. In addition you can level up your dragons to make them even more rare and valuable! There will be more than 322+ million different-looking dragons and with infinity different stats combinations.

Check out the Dragonary website to learn more:


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