Another Milestone

By Marekiaro | work&training | 7 Apr 2022




This March has been very fruitful and productive for me on Publish0x, I'm not just talking about earnings, but looking at my statistics, I don't think I've ever recorded all these visits, maybe they aren't much, but for me as a beginner As a novice, both as regards the blogging activity and the cryptocurrency sector, I can say that this result is not bad at all and I hope that this goal is just the beginning.


I can proudly say that I am also the official author of Publish0x, even if I am just a small drop of this immense ocean and I recognize my limitations when it comes to the English language, because I remind everyone that I am Italian, they are very happy and immensely grateful for this opportunity and for this small goal, happy spring everyone ..







I surpassed 200 followers on Publish0x.
Thanks to all my fans, you are fantastic and a special and big thank you to Publish0x for this great opportunity.






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Work is a productive activity, which implies the implementation of rigorous and methodical, intellectual and / or manual knowledge, to produce and dispense goods and services in exchange for compensation, monetary or otherwise, an important study topic in both the social sciences than abstract and natural sciences.

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