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Common mistakes in buying Axies in Axie infinity

By Alexiana | WorkingMom | 31 May 2021

Its a good thing for players who are able to get scholarship in axie infinity. It is a good start to get your investment and able to start your own.
But for those who have extra money to buy axies in the marketplace, there are common mistakes they are encounter. As a newbie, what matters is to start as early as they can without reading helpful tips, guides and tutorials to start good.

Here's the common mistakes and starting without knowledge in the game:

  • Buying what they see in the market - they do not consider what types of axies they are going to buy.
  • Buying cheapest axies - they tend to buy immediately the lowest price and eager to start immediately
  • Buying axies without checking the ability - they know what they want, like a defender and 2 attacker as a good start but do not know the consequences.
  • getting involve in PVP Arena when they know the chance of winning the game is so low, as in 1%-5%  winning rate?
  • Consuming their energy trying to finish all the levels in Adventure mode.

How can we avoid this mistakes as a newbie or starter?

  • Learn the world you are about to enter. You may not hesitate to invest, but make sure that your investment is worth buying.
  • Read articles that will fully utilize your ability to play the game
  • Ask help from other players
  • Follow tips and recommendation

Know your game. 

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