Blockchain is NOT Crypto Investment

By wabinab | work_learning | 13 Apr 2022

There are two possibilities when someone first thought about crypto: either it's too risky to go into, or it's a chance to earn big. Most people go for the former, relying on something stable; while some adventurous people go for the latter, hoping they could multiply their assets. But we want to speak about blockchain and mass adoption in this article; so the problem is: when people first see blockchain, they relate it to crypto, which they relate to being risky, which prevents them from adopting blockchain when blockchain has nothing to do with crypto investment.

Per end-user marketing perspective, the word "blockchain" does not trigger much in others' mind. Before one enters blockchain 4 months ago, one don't even know there exist the word "blockchain"; and most probably one filters it out when one sees it; until it reaches me via word of mouth by a friend. However, when you see an app on the brave browser, like "use Bybit to earn up to $500 in return" and these, it just sounds like scam, or risky. No risk, no return. Then you see another brave ads "Introducing NEAR Protocol"; somehow people will associate these two non-associative ads and the latter become risky too! The message "blockchain is crypto, and crypto is risky" carves deep into people's mind.

Therefore, when marketing for blockchain, it's useful to explain how they differs from crypto investment after user agrees to listen. First impression is important; "blockchain is crypto, and crypto is risky" is not a good first impression. Neither is the word "blockchain" itself explains. Therefore, how do we explain "blockchain" itself and what it's trying to do, separate from "crypto investment"? One don't know! Exact marketing strategies and wordings requires experimentation, failing several hundreds of thousands of times before conclusion; here, we will just make some naïve strategies that might or might not work.

A marketing ads need to quickly catches attention; it couldn't be too wordy, but it couldn't be meaningless. "Blockchain: The future of the world." just means nothing. End-user would think: we're already in a good world, either or not blockchain exists. Perhaps

Blockchain: users should get paid for their contributions/actions.

might gives better impression and arouse user's curiosity. Or something like:

Tired of Twitter/Instagram/Snapchap/Facebook not paying you for your time? Blockchain aims to change that. Check out Bwitter/

also might works. Try experiment with the wordings and see how many users it attracted for reflective answers.

Currently, blockchain attracts quite a majority of crypto investors; as they can easily accept any risks in blockchain. To spread the news to the majority of human beings, though, blockchain should not be associated with crypto investment during marketing. Don't give end-users the impression that, to adopt in crypto, they need to get into the risk. Mass adoption would meet resistance otherwise.



It's extremely important to distinguish between blockchain and crypto investors. Blockchain aims to change the world from centralization and data control by a few authority, to something that is decentralized and cannot be controlled by any single party (or even multiple parties teaming up); "crypto", referring to crypto investors, are a bunch of adventurous guys whom put in lots and lots of their money hoping it would give back a lot more in return. Blockchain builds their token with cryptocurrencies, but they're solving a different problem than crypto investors. Crypto investors burn fiat and mint crypto tokens, hence giving it value; while blockchain builders are making a whole new different thing that has nothing to do with investment.

Share this article to your friends whom don't differentiate between blockchain and crypto investments! Of course, if they're hard headed and refuse to change their point of view, there's nothing much you can do about it so don't bother.

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