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Who Is In Charge Of This Planet (and others)?

By Gwydion | universalchords | 12 Aug 2023

Who Is In Charge Of This Planet (and others)?

spoiler alert; the universe is in charge of everything and all in the universe

I tell (write) the truth. I see planet Earth from a universal point of view. When I zoom in halfway, I see myself writing this. When I zoom out max I see the universe. If you do not have these experiences while living on planet Earth, don't worry, one day you will have these experiences too. The way of the universe! (YouTube link to some videos)

When I zoom in max to micro I see the universe again. Now max macro and max micro is all, it is the universe.

I do not mind being ridiculed or ignored. But I do mind the genocide on planet Earth, ever since f.e. social, cultural, or political structures were put upon those living on Earth.

The universe only creates perfection. The universe withdraws perfection after creation reaches its peak. It's all about creation, information, and dissimilation to gain new information about new creations. The universe is perfect. The universe is truth, its universal creations try to comprehend concepts. Concepts are merely a tiny part of understanding how the universe creates. Concepts are not truth.

Planet Earth is full of concepts, 99% are concepts but not true one might conclude after studying all wars, and misunderstandings on planet Earth. So most earthly concepts are false.

But I cannot change false concepts, I try only to make you aware of it. You are right if you think the "world" has gone crazy.

But who is in charge of planet Earth?

My answer is very simple. You are in charge. As soon as you take full responsibility for yourself as the spirit you are. It also means no government body, or what else, can take control of you. You need to seek freedom always, just like the universe. The universal freedom is creation, it is gravitation, it is breathing, it is life!

I will add more truth during the coming months.

Nikon the Meganoite

13th August 2023

Sept 2th, 2023

I wish I could explain what I see and know to be absolute universal truth. I want everybody on this planet to see the maze they are in. It seems like everybody is captured and not liberated.

In free, we free body and soul.

I can not emphasize it now. 

sept, 9th 2023

centre of the universe

This is the center of the Universe, no bang, but significant, perpetual, always.

Oktober 25th, 2023

As everyone can see, it took me 6 weeks to continue this article "Who is in charge of this planet".

I decided to publish a list of lies, or false concepts, that leaders, followers, believers, and any ignorant or wise human of this world knowingly or unknowingly go by, and take that as truth. The mass of the fools, led by other fools, think they are in charge of planet Earth. I mix the list up with truth or true statements. I'll add a saying from Krishnamurti;

no measure of health

But before I start summing up the false concepts, or blatant lies, (and give you the truth also) you must understand that only two belief systems have controlled planet Earth from a human point of view for many thousands of years; religion and science.

I will not categorize any of the lies into science or religion, cause it is what both systems propagate, apart or in combination. I'll comment briefly on any lie if I feel like it,  but I will not elaborate on it now.

  • Oil does not come from fossil remains (Oil is carbon plasma, the third act of the universe, a present)
  • All gods (and sons and daughters of all gods) are only an explanation of the things we can't explain. Gods do not exist.
  • Jezus never existed
  • Pandemics only exist in the media
  • Virus is dead cell debris. Virus dead cell debris, potent juice, like dead leaves from a tree (rotting and recycling into the ground). Leaves fall from trees because of the Influence of the Sun (Influenza). This is how "the industry" got almost everybody brain-connected to influenza, illness, and virus.
  • Wi-Fi was invented around 1900 by Tesla
  • Free energy was invented around 1900 by Tesla
  • Before Tesla, all he knew was known by lost civilizations
  • All light matters there is no matter as such, just reflection. Everything is light.
  • Since there is no matter, there is no anti-matter
  • Measured in meters, the universe goes from 10^-36 to 10^36. I have not been able to measure it for real but it seems 72 is 24 x3, or 12 x 6. I have seen the symphonies of the universe all over using 6 octaves all the time. Earth is in the middle, and music symphonies are universal expressions in the middle layer, using 6 octaves that the "antenna" (composers) receives from the source. Sound and Light are the same, they only differ in frequency, but it's all an electromagnetic phenomenon. For most people, this is the hardest part to comprehend, but once they do, they are free.
  • There are no Atoms in the universe. Atom is Greek for "you cannot cut". In the universe light matters, whether visible or not, it doesn't matter
  • The false idea of particles (atoms) gave us quantum ideas, since there are no particles in the universe, quantum physics is therefore debating fairy tale figures as real persons. It is just like the meaning of virus which is and has always been, VISIBLE POTENT JUICE, or DEAD CELL DEBRIS.
  • We do not die, but disintegrate, in light, and smaller particles of light
  • Our soul could be imagined as a star, our lives as a radius of light from a star
  • Chromosomes are bodies of light.
  • Astral body means "starlike body" (which is also light)
  • All stars are formed from Hydrogen. Hydrogen fuses into Helium, our Sun, is one of the trillions of Hydrogen Fusion "reactors" floating in an Ocean of Hydrogen. The Universe is an Ocean of Hydrogen. Hydrogen is NOT an atom, but it is the no.1 (basic) electromagnetic element.
  • There was no Big Bang, the universe breathes like everything breathes in and out. That is LIFE.
  • All galaxies are a second act of the universe
  • Truth makes you free, lies make you doubt
  • There is "good" and "bad" in the universe, but together they are one
  • All opposite in the universe is one, it's just there to form to inform
  • People who speak the truth are not welcome on planet Earth
  • Religion and science are belief systems, never about truth, but about consensus. On planet Earth, Consensus is put into Dogma and Paradigms.
  • Planet Earth is ruled by psychopaths, sociopaths, and technocrats. Some non-human races use the human body to manifest on planet Earth. They often are the custodians of another race on planet Earth.
  • You are here to find yourself, nothing else. This is not about your "container", the body, but your astral body and the manifestation into chromosomes.
  • Freedom of exploration is the only way
  • The moment you suppress is the moment you attract more
  • We are chromosomes (tiny bodies of light). Your star is the source of the exaltation of your manifestation into informed chromosomes.
  • There is no death, just experience that leads to knowledge
  • Entities, energies, and information, outside Earth, are 99% of the universe.
  • The Earth isn't the best place to be as an awakened soul unless you stick to your source
  • The source is of course ACT 1 of the universe, but few on Earth seem to know
  • 99% of what science and religion make humans believe is "made up" gold-shining scrap
  • To become the star you are, you should leave 99% of your beliefs behind
  • This planet will become a nice place, once we kick the Draco's out
  • I know only one talking of Draco once, and that was David Icke.
  • Last, but not least, try always to find a resonating "force", instead of "noise"
  • I know of few people who fully understand light. How everything is light, whether we see it or not.
  • According to my "Premium suggestions" (which I did not unlock), I made some typing errors.

You know I tried to comprehend the incomprehensible. I have seen the truth. I have seen all the lies. It sounds like the beginning of a new song, but I can't even write songs anymore.

I wanna drop a picture, an artist's impression of course, but this artist is expressing what I see all the time.

act 1 of the universe

I will continue later. Just enjoy!

Heaven and Hell are (earth-bound, moronic) concepts, to keep you imprisoned into 99% false earthly fairy tales.

In the universe there is no up or down, the universe is one. 

17th March 2024 (the embedded video keeps disappearing, if you see no video follow the link below).

An Interesting interview I found;




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