Earth does not need saviors

The Planet Does Not Need Saviors!

By Gwydion | universalchords | 12 Dec 2023

I promised I would elaborate on the biggest lies that roam planet Earth. I always seem to cast my cliffhangers in the deep before the first lines are written.  I'll do it again; Planet Earth can take care of itself. Planet Earth has always survived and will survive any ordeal from the universe. If the time comes, the oceans may wobble again, proving it's not the moon's force attracting water on Earth, causing the tides. Put your hand in the bathtub and slowly start moving back and forth, giving you an idea of how tides come about. You don't need force, you need rhythm, and the water will resonate, sometimes getting over the edge of the bathtub. No blowtorch can make the water in your tub move, and neither can the moon.

So that was one lie about our moon. I find it hard to explain the truth about our moon, but if it's a "hologram" you can not plant a flag on it. Probably that's why they stopped trying suddenly and started to fake a "space station" somewhere in between the moon and our planet. If you want to believe all that, that's fine with me. I do not think, assume, or believe, but I won't force this life attitude upon anyone.

The brave man and woman who flew up and down the moon supposedly were heroes, but WHY?! Why was everybody, most humans on planet Earth with a black and white television set, interrupting their "making love" program for a fake space program? I still don't know why, but someone behind the curtain was laughing out loud and sold the propagandistic formula to really bad people. These people are still here and they consider themselves the "Elite", the saviors of planet Earth.

Did you ever ask yourself if this planet ever needed saviors?

There are two kinds of saviors; The self-proclaimed but never proven to be, and the sent by "a higher power" (also self-proclaimed and never proven to be).

When I look from the center of the universe into the kaleidoscope of trillions of stars and planets, it's hard to focus on such a small thing on the outer skirts of our (Milky Way) Galaxy. In that 1 in a million galaxies, there is a solar system (more complex than we imagine), and in that solar system the universe is "playing a symphony".  I already explained that there are no atoms in the universe. It doesn't work that way, but when I zoom in on planet Earth, it seems everywhere I look, many people do not seem to be able to grasp the simple universal principles. But everything in nature, that is NOT human, does fully grasp and prosper for free on this planet!

I am not starting with the many lies propagated on the whole of the planet this time. Lies about the moon, oil, climate change, viruses, vaccines, medicine, state security, green energy, sustainable goals, pandemics, heroes, kings, priests, holy, health, education, emotion, etc., because it's easier to talk about true universal concepts since almost nothing that is propagated and educated here seems to be true. And with all these lies it seems only a handful of "saviors" have become prosperous by focusing on eliminating the human species with their consent (that modern way of murdering is slightly more sophisticated than what has been pulled off in the hundreds of fake wars in the past two centuries). I know some of you still don't believe the "ruling class", the self-proclaimed saviors, including most psychopaths, sociopaths, and technocrats, would not lay a hand on you or your family, your children, but when time goes by, these past three years will become another black page in human history, cause "they" did it again, "safe and effective". Some may think that history started 5000 years ago, but I know our history is much older, our saviors only started to lure us into collective amnesia thousands of years ago.

I know this text isn't ending up in a canonical collection of predictions. But it should! (prediction and only salvation) Draco will count down and poison almost all humans on the planet, or humans purify themselves, (by waking up, growing balls (man & woman), and getting rid of the Draco before they get rid of you).  All that is safe, savior, assurance, or for your safety, is only fearmongering, or (Draconic) control. The primal fear is the fear of death. But a natural death is just a beautiful thing! Might anyone confuse Draco, or Draconian measures, with Satan, or the Devil, the devil is just a story, while Draco roams the Earth for many ages, for real. We don't recognize them for they apply the same body-suit (on planet Earth) as humans do. But as soon as you hear people (use the code words when they) talk about; saving the planet, fossil fuel, the greenhouse effect, global warming, sustainable goals, social distancing, lockdown, toxic injection (or "cow poison", "vacca", cow, -ine, poison), booster, public health, pandemic, state security, global government, a global approach of global created non-existing problems, shortages, sea level rise, taxes, mandatory, hero's, any of the thousand deities (all gods are concepts, non of them has any idea how the universe creates concepts like gods), saviors, we all must, we all need, for the greater good, moon landings, saving money, saving the planet, saving the children, saving your savings, war on communism, war on poverty, war on aliens, information war, war on drugs, war on terror, war on pandemics, war on viruses, war on cancer, war on fake news, war on war, etc., you know that is moronic talk. It's either a programmed human being, caught in the web of misinforming the public, or you are hearing a puppet of the Draco, or a Draco has come out of cover (which is very rare). (I am not sure where to put Alex Jones from the "Infowars" channel, I'd rather focus on the messages, instead of the messenger, as he is disclosing a lot on his channel. While disclosing the lies, he is not always enclosing the right answers).

If you feel the urge to become free again, you need to accept the fact that 99% of the teachings, stories, assumptions, thoughts, and beliefs are not based on universal truth. After you accept that fact, reject softly all these lies, and grant yourself room to open up for the only truth there is; the universal truth. If a (man-made) formula, concept, or law can not be applied outside planet Earth, or not even on the whole of planet Earth (like the law of gravity, criminal law, speed of light, karma, or the law of attraction), it is not a universal law, or principle, and is therefore (probably deliberately) withholding you from universal truth. It's hard to comprehend we as a species have been dumbed down, while they labeled us "homo sapiens sapiens" (the knowing man). Soon, after we break free, we will see there are hundreds of different types of man, but most humans are not sapient. So the "sapiens sapiens" is a joke, it's an oxymoron, a paradox, or maybe a form of hypnotic manipulation so we never doubt anything we know, since someone told us we are the knowing man by definition. If we comprehend these joker lies, 99% false "excreta tauri" we have to swallow day in and day out, a lifetime-long, we immediately find a cure for ourselves, our family, and our friends. The cure is not in the form or shape of a savior, but a pure and untangled knowing who you are, and what you are about. You do not need to help save the planet, you just need to enjoy the abundance on this planet and grant everybody that same pleasure. Stop forcing others, stop lying, stop making rules, start by ruling yourself, and be the channel of universal truth.

Now maybe I just gave away some secrets. Oil being carbon plasma, and the planet being fooled and bombed all over, that is Draco. If you want, you can see a pattern in all of the lies. You will notice the lies if you are open to the "truth" or universal principles that do not match Earthly 'Excreta Tauri' or B.S.

I have 11 followers, which means 11 are saved (joking) if they comprehend the bigger picture I am trying to paint with my words. It's not about fear, I am not telling anything new, not in a thousand years, it's the people on the planet who seem to be misinformed all the time.

Somewhere rooted is "knowing" or savant, savoir, which became a savior (Nobody else is going to save anything for you). Know yourself, or "Gnoti Seauton", that would be the best attitude for all actors on this planet.

I wish all of my readers so much insight, laughter, humor, and letting go of any shackles. Truth is never a bad thing.

Examples of the Propaganda:

saviors propaganda

Very old propaganda, burning up the Earth like a wax candle. It will never happen... oil is carbon plasma regenerated in the core of the Earth.

saviors propaganda 2

CO2 IS NATURES OXIGEN!! Never in a million years has CO2 been dangerous (CO is!!, carbon monoxide is toxic, but that is "man-made".)

Additional (new ways of knowing): Frederico Faggin; "Consciousness is vaster than space and time".

(comment by Nikon on Frederico's way of knowing; Some "new knowers" still have the tendency to mix or stick with "old knowledge" i.e. concepts like Big Bang, Atoms, or Gods. There are no atoms in the universe. There never was a Big Bang. The universe is life or living by definition, it means it "breaths" in and out, grows and decays, and the universe does not and did not need any gods to create everything there is, was, and will be. Consciousness is applying feedback to information. All information is the formation, manifestation, and dissimilation. The universe always "does the same", it can create trillions of the same "bodies" or elements, which are all unique (f.e. star bodies (astral) to bodies of light (chromosomes)). Behind the creation and gravitation of all there is in the universe, lies the knowable geometric mathematical laws. To understand the universe one could try to understand the behavior of signals (electromagnetic), fields, or (interaction of) waveforms. There are no particles. What we experience as particles are the harmonic expressions of interference of fields or waves with different frequencies, in other words; music notes on paper are not the performance of a music symphony itself, like atoms are not life itself. Notes and atoms are symbols that can be used to communicate or transport experience. In my earlier article, I wrote (knowing = experiencing x experimenting) divided by (thinking + believing + assuming).

So there are no atoms, photons, electrons, neutrons, protons, quarks, mesons, bosons, etc. but only patterns of interfering light. Once people step out of that framing trap (out of the box) the universe starts to become a two-way information channel (duplex) that is beyond any speed. We on Earth are merely (light reflecting) holograms. Everything in the universe is light, only a very small part of it's appearance we can see, hear, feel, smell, or taste).

Nikon the Meganoite, 12-12-2023








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