The Influence of the sun

The influence of the sun is influenza

By Gwydion | universalchords | 30 Jun 2023


"The Influence of the Sun" is Influenza

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Influenza IS NOT a VIRUS, it never was, and never will be. After reading this article you know exactly why.

Etymology influence

All true meanings of words and concepts get eradicated at a very fast tempo. That's why looking back at words in their original context, and meaning before they got tampered with, is a must if you wanna find the true meaning of distorted words and concepts. The word etymology derives from the Greek word ἐτυμολογία (etumología), itself from ἔτυμον (étumon), meaning "true sense or sense of a truth", and the suffix -logia, denoting "the study of"

I once wrote a poem in 1992 and I wrote (translated); "Can you read what I write? Do you know what I mean, if you don't know the meaning of the words I use in my writing?" (It's like reading in between the lines, and knowing the origin of words, the etymology, so you know what I put in between, which is most of all I wanted to let you know). Complicated (I am working on it).

I never met another human being who really understood what I said, or wrote. And sometimes I do not understand myself either, so there is nobody to blame, not myself, not anyone else.

I doubted myself for that misunderstanding for a very long time. I was hoping one day I could just say; "look influenza is the influence of the stars, and "they" made you afraid of the sun." Which reminds me of my excitement 28 years ago when Marillion sang; "Why do we now have become afraid of sunlight (sunrise)?" It's on the album "Marillion - Afraid of Sunlight" (1995).

What I am telling here is good news!

There is no Influenza virus! There is no pathogenic virus either, unless, you use cell debris, put it in a Perti Dish mix it with toxins and call it an anti-virus vaccine. What did I just say?

We start with influenza, the influence of the stars. In our case, it is the Sun. With a capital letter s! Cause our Sun is the holy, coronal, heavenly, light-bringing, always loving, forever living, life-bringing, resurrecting, forever, loving Son. And just because it is a star, it is not a big deal in the universe, I will show you why.

Sizes of known stars. Sun and more

These are known stars in the universe, there are trillions in all sizes and all in the same spherical shapes. Compared to other stars our sun looks small.

Even though our sun is small compared to other stars and star systems, our sun is very important to our solar system.

Our (tiny) sun "decides" what is happening on our planet for 99.999999999%! Everything on Earth is influenced by our sun, without our tiny sun there would be no tiny earth.

Governments (politicians) all over the world try to make us believe they are "stars" and they decide all, or they have all the influence. But they have zero influence, so they need to trick everybody into make-believe, they have the power of the sun, they control the climate, the health, and the influence of the sun on this planet, the latest called influenza, sold as an invisible thing that can make you sick (or better). If they INJECT you AGAINST INFLUENZA A OR B, then you have been FOOLED big time! What they control is the mind of the masses. They control it by programming. Tools are TV, Radio, Newspapers, Phones, Computers, Apps, Games, and much more. But there are things politicians cannot control, the 99,99999999% that is controlled by the sun.

Climate can NOT be controlled (balanced, warmer, colder), BUT governments can POLLUTE AND POISON the air and water and blame it on the climate.

It's like spraying agent orange in Vietnam, or the Bhopal disaster in India.


O yes they like to spray poison in al colors

(from Wikipedia) Agent Orange:

It was used by the U.S. military as part of its herbicidal warfare program, Operation Ranch Hand, during the Vietnam War from 1961 to 1971.

Bhopal Gas tragedy december 2, 1984

(from Wikipedia) Bhopal Disaster:

The Bhopal disaster or Bhopal gas tragedy was a chemical accident on the night of 2–3 December 1984 at the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) pesticide plant in BhopalMadhya Pradesh, India. Considered the world's worst industrial disaster, over 500,000 people in the small towns around the plant were exposed to the highly toxic gas methyl isocyanate 

It would be easy to put DDT spraying (pesticides) causing "POLIO", which they blamed on a "polio virus" that "disappeared" after they stopped spraying.

Yes, industries, to this very day, like to pollute and toxify the whole planet and make trillions of dollars, blaming it on A VIRUS or INFLUENZA VIRUS!

Influenza IS the influence of the sun, you know what happens when seasons change?

Do trees GET SICK and DROP THEIR LEAVES (apoptosis under the influence of the sun)? Or is it nature doing its thing under the influence of the sun?

Autumn leaves are trees sick or is it influence?

This will blow your mind. Trees are not SICK, they prepare for winter (hibernation, just like our computers can hibernate)!

And since all trees are dropping leaves in the same period, this does not mean they are "infecting" each other! It does not mean they are sick or contagious, cause contagious does NOT exist. Poisonous GAS does exist, but CO2 is not toxic or poisonous, nor has it any influence on the climate of the planet. CO2 is the oxygen for plants and trees. Let's get deeper, Methane, another TAX-worthy LIE! Nitrogen, 72% of the atmosphere is another TAX-worthy LIE. And since nobody seems to notice, probably next will be the oxygen they are gonna tax, or reduce your intake by killing you, just like they are killing all CO2/O2 breathing of the rain forests, and all trees on the planet, by burning the trees and calling it GREEN ENERGY, or BIO-ENERGY (what does burning of trees release more than anything, correct CO2, so you KNOW CO2 is GOOD and they are lying and you are paying CO2 tax, confused as you are by now). Green energy does NOT exist. Bioenergy does not exist. Renewable energy does not exist. It's like calling water "purple water" because Elton John put his glasses into it, and later just gave his blessing to it (or it dropped from Prince's Purple Rain song). It's like red sunlight, orange sunlight, yellow sunlight. Sunlight does NOT change, it's the angle, the breaking of the light. Energy is energy, we are all energy, universal energy. But that's for another article on this topic, another time.

If we want to save to planet, we need to get rid of those who do not understand the force of the universe and our sun. Those who try to manipulate, overpower people, control, tax, kill, murder, and rob, are the real threat to humanity.

So we should get rid of the toxic waste they are spraying into the air.

chemtrail by morons, governments

This planet would be super within one day if everybody stopped paying criminals for waging wars and spraying toxins in the air. What will happen if nobody pays their "killing masters", the killing will stop!

Back to Influenza, how can I explain what they did and are doing? Ok, let's assume they would have called the influence of the sun, leprechauns.

When you Google Leprechauns

When you Google "Leprechauns" you get thousands of "artist impressions" THIS DOES NOT PROVE THE EXISTENCE OF LEPRECHAUNS!

Google Virus

When you Google "VIRUS" you get thousands of "artist impressions" THIS DOES NOT PROVE THE EXISTENCE OF VIRUS!

Leprechauns and Viruses (like the above artist's impressions) have never been shown to exist.

The chance you find a Leprechaun that will shoot tiny bullets that make you sick are 100% higher than a Virus in the air that can make you sick because it has been proven that virus is potent juice, visible, sap of plants, and Leprechauns are NOT disproven nor Proven YET!

So these leprechauns (viruses) are invisible, they shoot microscopic tiny bullets with microscopic tiny rifles. And they do that since around the 18th century, around the invention of cow poison, or vacca ine, or vaccine.

We now would have 38 different tribes of Leprechauns (vaccines for viruses, made of cell debris (the real virus is visible cell debris or sap) that fight the non-existent floating-in-air viruses)! And we would inject our children with 38 made-up anti-Leprechauns (virus) injections! Please everybody STOP doing that! Eat an orange, take walks in the sun, relax, share your abundance, be modest, and love each other, that would heal the planet in 10 days!

I am not anti-vax, I say if you want to get killed, your children mutilated, poisoned, or put in a brain fog for the rest of their very (short) lives, do it! But do not blame others, blame yourself for being a believer! You believe the story of the invisible leprechauns because when you google leprechauns you can find thousands of artist impressions of .. leprechauns, so they must be real! I am not anti-vax cause I know humanity is in an uplifting transition, a higher mind if you want, but not because of human experiments, but universal truth. I am very sad to see people I love and admire suddenly are gone, too young, not naturally, but murdered by injections. I am very sad, and I don't know who to blame, so I say, I don't know that.

But I know virus is potent juice and sap of plants, you can always SEE virus, they knew 2500 years ago what the meaning of virus was. Again around the 18th century, they started to twist and turn all the old valuable words, and the meaning of words.

true meaning of virus

We are now at a point of no return (again, another (lock) step, or final breakthrough). Governments all over the world have killed, robbed, and murdered. People all over the world have been killed, robbed, and murdered. It is to the murderers, and the victims, to forgive and embrace universal knowledge. It starts with respecting our sun, influenza, or its influence of it, not worshipping, that is for believers, and knowing the sun decides for 99,999999999% what will happen to the earth. And since the Earth and Sun agreed on their existence, we should agree on ours on this "spaceship" Earth.

respect universal forces

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