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Decentralization, redistribution, freedom of support, and freedom to contribute are the future.

By Gwydion | universalchords | 26 Jan 2024

Decentralization, redistribution, freedom of support, and freedom to contribute are the future.

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Disclaimer; Although all claims are backed up by knowledge, and universal principles, some readers might experience cognitive dissonance. They might feel sick and assaulted in their belief, which is not what the large preface of this article intends to do. It's intended to open you up to a universal vision of things. Do not read this article if you are not ready to let go of your beliefs, either formed by religious dogmas, or scientific paradigms. This article will shake you, maybe even shock you, but it is the most comfortable shock therapy that you can get from another human being. Belief, assumptions, and autonomous thinking have zero value when it comes to knowledge and truth-finding.


less comfortable shock therapy

I was contemplating the fact that 73% of the world's population has the freedom to believe whatever they want (of course this isn't true in fundamental religious regions on the planet, but not believing the fundamental propagated god is even worse, so there is no freedom FROM religion). This addresses the deities or gods, sons and daughters of gods, and any spokesman for these gods (the spokesman is the Latin advocate, and the Greek prophet).  And since there are two belief systems, religion, AND science, probably 99.9% of the world's population is believing.

Before scientists among us consider themselves a scientist and not a (religious 73%) believer let me give you some non-proven scientific paradigms. We know the paradigms of science are the dogmas of religion.

  • Atoms do not exist, atoms are to life what notes are to symphonies. Notes do not create symphonies, atoms do not create life.
  • Influenza is the influence of the stars (in our case the Sun). Influenza causes leaves to fall from trees, and these leaves, on the ground, are transformed into viruses by bacteria, fungi, and enzymes. Viruses are dead cell debris or potent juice. What happens to leaves (periodically fall and grow back!) happens to all carbon-based organisms. So f.e. cats and dogs lose their hair, birds lose their feathers, and also humans shed their obsolete cells. The replacement of billions of cells also happens daily, this causes babies and infants to grow more rapidly than adults. Sometimes, in their growth speed, babies or infants often shed (replace) so many cells (apoptosis followed by dead cell debris eruption starts as nausea) that the body can't get rid of them fast enough, so dead cell debris gets (temporarily) stashed or stored under the skin (the skin also functions as a buffer so to protect other (more vital) organs, like heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, spleen, etc.), which is harmless but causes bumps, or red dots. You cannot inject dead (toxic) cells  (vaccine against measles, mumps, rubella, etc, man-made in laboratories), to prevent this natural growth, it's moronic! I urge the man (Matt) I respect so much to debunk false (religious) claims, and all who still believe that injecting toxins into the bloodstream is good, to read some very alarming books on this topic, like the books of Peter C. Gotzsche.
  • All is light, whether we see it or not. There is NO matter since there are no atoms. What we perceive (see, feel, smell, hear) as coming from matter are just electromagnetic phenomena, in fact, the word "chromosome" really does mean "body of light (chromos = light, soma = body)", and we know we can create "things" with our "psyche", we call it psychosomatic. The ramifications of this revelation are huge; no quanta, no molecules, no particles, no quantum physics, no electrons, no protons, no neutrons, no quarks, just one elementary principle, two vortices entering a center point (black hole), and radiating electromagnetic waves in a certain amplitude and frequency. So leave the Big Bang theory, the universe itself has a black hole in the center and is fusing hydrogen to create galaxies (Act 1 of the universe). All elements are like notes, creating chords, chords, harmony, and rhythm creating symphonies, we can't hear but sometimes see. We always make the mistake of thinking there is growth only, but everything in this universe has its period, growth, sustain, and decay. So what goes to the nearest center of origin is gravity (decay), what comes from the nearest center is creation (growth), and the period of that (electromagnetic wave, or radiation) that has been created is called "time".
  • Atoms, Greek for you cannot divide it any further (like Latin Individu) was a concept to try and comprehend "the material world". If you are a scientist who believes in atoms, you CAN NOT say sub-atomic because you just said you cannot divide the particle any further. You CAN NOT divide the atom, it is inherent to your belief in it, so there are no "smaller particles" either. Forget about neutrons, protons, or electrons. They are just a piece of the same wave you are measuring. The attributes of the wave are amplitude (y = max, mistaken for + proton, y = min, mistaken for electron, or y = 0, mistaken for neutron, and all the foolish things like (quarks) meson, boson, etc., are measurements in between the max and min of the wave), and frequency. Elements form fields, either homogenetic or heterogenetic. Fields interact and can form new fields, or annihilate each other, the latter is mistakenly called "black matter". All you need to study to understand the universe, and all there is, is signal technology. Understand the universe is breathing, the universe is life and creates from the source all there is according to the same principles, but always with a unique outcome (it's like when a glass falls on the ground it will always shatter differently, but it will shatter, the opposite of shattering is creating and the universe takes, metaphorically, the shattered pieces to create a unique glass, and we mimic the universe all the time by melting and pouring stuff). What does happen in the center of the universe is the fusion of hydrogen into helium, the universe creates galaxies in an ocean of hydrogen. The hydrogen can be imagined as the scattered glass, the process of fusion can be seen as the melting of the scattered glass, and every galaxy that is thrown out of the centered black hole is the unique new glass. Act 1 of the universe, no gods present, just simple fusion.
  • Both matter and atoms are false concepts. This is probably the hardest part to comprehend, but I make a prediction, that 10 years from now, everybody KNOWS atoms do not exist and matter is NOT what we think it is, and a majority will start acting like they always KNEW! Truth has a more pleasant vibration than lies. Although lies are sticky like syrup and can't be washed off, the only thing we need to do is open up to what contradicts our personal beliefs, our assumptions, and our autonomic thoughts. (in another article I will address the brain. It is a transformator, receiver, transmitter, computer, and resonator. It can send and receive (and start resonating) universal information which is the only information that is UNTAMPERED and TRUE).
  • There is no "speed of light". A wave does not travel, the field just moves, a wave movement. Imagine a wave in a stadium. The audience is not traveling but moving up and down at a certain rate, and we experience that as a traveling wave. If light only had 1 speed we would not see a rainbow, or the rainbow colors in glass, prism, oil, or a diamant (which is mineralized oil, or mineralized carbon plasma). Different colors differ in frequency, and we can see this electromagnetic phenomenon because the universe wants us* to see this particular spectrum (dogs can hear higher frequencies than humans can hear, dog whistle is based on that, bees dominantly see the world as the reflection of ultraviolet light, it's like seeing your white teeth under black light all your life). Why spectrum (or filtering) is important? Imagine you could see all in the universe, there would be no darkness for you, and you probably go crazy within 1 millisecond. The same goes for hearing, tasting, feeling, and smelling. There are no constants in the universe, everything depends on the fields and the elements that form the fields. For that reason, gravity in water is different than gravity in your home. But gravity in your home is different than gravity on top of a mountain. In the case of Earth, the core of the Earth is causing creative and gravitative electromagnetic waves, the further from the core, the less gravitational pull we have. The sun does not send protons that go with "the speed of light (they tell you 299.792.459 m/s, ~ 300.000 km/sec, or 186.000 miles per second). The same goes for the speed of sound (343 m/s), it differs, sound waves "travels" (makes water field go up and down) faster in water (~1481 m/s, study: sonar)). And finally what we see is the REFLECTION of light, this means in the dark we might only see the light coming from our eyes, cause we are built of light bodies (chromosomes) and our blueprint is directly linked to the light of the sun, or star (astral bodies). Some people can see aura's light emitting from your electromagnetic astral body.


Astral body


Reflection of light in oil

Do you think the "Eastern Philosophers" have been hallucinating for thousands of years? Remember the words "carbon-based". Pure bodies seem to "break" sunlight into visible colors of the rainbow. Pure bodies like diamonds (crystallized carbon), glass, and "we" do. Coincidence or by universal design? Everything is light whether we see it or not and light does not have A speed, it depends on the fields the wave is interacting with. You can make black coffee brown by pouring and stirring some milk into it, that is what interacting is.

  • As long as we are on this planet we manifest ourselves in 5 different electromagnetic spectres. Our SUN decides for 99.99% whether life as we know it (and not made to believe) manifests itself here or not. The only way we can be "killed" or destroyed by nature, is by the extinction of the sun (never happened), a huge comet impact (happened a few times), massive eruptions (dozens of times), and Tsunamies (dozens of times). But the biggest killers and destroyers are the psychopaths, sociopaths, and technocrats who seem to run our planet by feeding humanity with false information. Please, I beg all sane people, STOP BELIEVING, you will lose absolutely nothing and gain so much knowledge, and that gives you more freedom to choose whether you let a God decide your morality. But please stop supporting the leaders that say; "God bless America", or "In God we Trust", while they kill, steal, bomb, rape, rob, and murder on the other side of the planet.
  • Time does not exist in the universe. We took the SUN-GOD HORUS (sunlight) and gave him the HOUR. A tiny part of the HOUR is called "parta minuta", and a second tiny part is called "parta minuta secunda". So hours, minutes, and seconds are dedicated to the sun god Horus, not anything else like the decay of a Cesium atom, they "came up" with that later to scientifically try to prove that gods can't be denied and can be measured.
  • And now we are at it; almost all our days and months are dedicated to gods, celestial bodies, Roman (seen as god) emperors, or just numbers. F.e. Moon, Sun, Mars, Mercury, Wodan, Freya, January (Janus, Roman god), February, May (Maia), June (Juno), Julius, and Augustus (Sebastos, distinguished, eminent, grand, grandiose, high, lofty, magnificent, majestic, superb, or tall). 
  • The first month (la primera) originally started (and still does in some cultures) on March 21st, the moment the Sun "passes" the equator, hence the word "Passover", which has nothing to do with the alleged SON of GOD, but the SUN. On September 21st the SUN "passes" the equator again, a special (celebration) day in some cultures still to this day. Here we see science and religion are collaborating to the extreme to keep us in the dark and make us believe all the fairy tales they propagate. The calendar, or cylinder, is there to "press & roll out". Press equals media! All newspaper manufacturers use these cylinders, to press and roll out the lies. (There is a Dutch verb; to lie as if it was printed on paper). Originally we should have 13 months, as the worth says it has to do with the moon. The moon makes one cycle around the earth in 28 days, this makes a year 13 x 28 = 364 days, or exactly 112 weeks. Why did they introduce a completely irrational calendar only the Vatican knows?! I leave it to my readers to come up with some reasons, why we should change it back to the original week/moon/days cycle where all dates have the same days for ages. like January 1st, the start of the new moon would always be on Monday!
  • The weather changes, and the average weather patterns over some time can be called climate. The climate on planet Earth never changes between the spectrum let's say + and - 50 degrees Celcius (freezing, drought, storms, hurricanes, etc.), it only moves over locations. If there were no North Sea then the Netherlands would not have a sea climate. And since the planet is wobbling, many changes occur over the ages. Where once was ice, there now is land, and vice versa. I think I don't have to explain the moronic fools who try to tax CO2, Nitrogen, and your farts (methane), and if they succeed they will one day try and tax oxygen, cause you (scientific) believers let them get away with it.
  • The worst sciences are the empirical sciences. Their guess is as good as yours. But they build a terrible trillion-dollar wasting pharma industry around it. While clean water, sunlight, a moderate healthy diet, exercise, and dodging stress, are the best ways to contain and sustain health. 
  • Oil is carbon plasma, you are a fool to believe that meat and leaves got together under pressure all over the planet and formed fossil fuel. Fossil fuel is at a certain point Virus, potent juice, and will be recycled (mineral food for plants and trees). Thank the Rockefellers for this blatant disinformation, and propagation of another trillion-dollar industry, which is of course linked to the pharma, that uses oil to make medicine. Oil is carbon plasma, I will explain later that it comes from Helium fusion, which comes from Hydrogen fusion, Act 1, 2, and 3 (out of 7) of the Universe.

I look at this planet and I see so many believers and those who don't realize they are (still) believers like the man I respect for addressing and debunking religious beliefs, Matt Dillahunty, who showed a remarkable disbalance in his belief in science, like vaccines are GOOD. I like to give him tens of books that address the side effects, like "dead".  I hope giving up your religious beliefs does not mean you enforce your scientific beliefs. We need to understand BOTH belief systems are equally lying, trapping, and deceiving humanity. Maybe it's time we comprehend what is belief, what is proof of fact, or proof of claim. For Matt, nobody ever saw a real virus doing "things", and for your mind, vaccine means "cow" + "poison" (this false idea of boosting immunity was born in 1795, in the distorted mind of Dr. Edward Jenner), not to be injected into the bloodstream!

So until we all stop believing and start acting like loving, caring, knowing, searching, experimenting, and experiencing beings, we should not be called homo sapiens (knowing! man), but homo erectus religious! It's up to you to help and draw the nearby future.

What does this picture look like?

We get rid of all WORLD organizations, GLOBAL institutions, EARTHLY saviors, EARTHLY laws, dogmas, paradigms, and all priests, prophets, popes, presidents, and populists. We start with the only thing that makes sense, our experiment and experiences. We stop believing, assuming, and thinking (autonomous). And then we abandon what we hate the most and search for what we love. All world-dominating institutions thrive on our ignorance, and they all propagate false concepts. Do not believe anything that makes you afraid, fearful, sinful, unworthy, or makes you want to accept the loss of your freedom in exchange for control. Yes sometimes people behave unpredictably, but most criminals are in government, or government agencies. Sorry for those who thought they brought democracy (another lie) in other countries by bombing other countries to smithereens. All armies are supposed to be defensive, not the extension of some psychopaths, sociopaths, and technocrats, robbing, mutilating, raping, and killing other humans out of sight.

All global-orientated institutions are thriving on the two pillars of lies; science & religion. And you ask me, UN, WHO, etc. The WHO (since 1948) is the most dangerous for our health and freedom, the frontman, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (see how it ends at, yesus?) is held responsible for mutilating and killing hundreds of thousands of people in his own country Ethiopia (while Wikipedia only praises him for bringing down the number of child-deads and forget to mention the vaccinated mortality rate went up) before he ran off to his stronghold in Geneva (Switzerland). The corrupt and criminal pharmaceutical industry put this puppet in the top position, not because he knows anything about health, but because he is a believer and can be controlled so well.

Keep in mind: ALL VIRUS DISEASES ARE MAN-MADE! Yes, all vaccines are viruses in a Petri dish. All viruses/vaccines are (made of) dead cell debris and often get the name of the animal and/or organs they are made of. Like hepatitis virus/vaccine is made from livers (Latin: Hepa, the suffix -itus means it is infected, or toxic). When you inject foreign toxic cells into your bloodstream the universe cries "STOP YOU FOOLS, the immune system does NOT work that way at all!". AIDS, the attack on our "immune system" was primarily caused by infected blood, infected drugs (or containing arsenic), injection of toxins, and the pushing of horrific medicines after being diagnosed by misinformed health workers (remember AZT and Anthony Faucy, he is well known for lying and withholding mortality rate data for 5 decades now, or renaming disapproved medicines, or just pushing and shipping killer medicines to Africa, this little man is probably the no.1 serial killer on the planet, at least responsible for countless deads from 1982 till now, and it's time he is put to trial for his crimes against humanity, this man is proof this world is completely deranged).

Most epidemic outbreaks, besides the seasonal influences of the sun (influenza depends on your location on the planet and is never worldwide, because of southern and northern hemispheres, and external local factors like pollution, stress from conflicts or war, etc.), and allergies to pollen and hay, take place AFTER they inject people with toxic injections (they often hide behind the well known seasonal influences, shedding of organic cells, like trees shed their leaves), so to fake a worldwide event (they tried to fake a pandemic in 1919 for the first time, including the masking, lock-down, distancing, and massive propaganda), health workers all over the world were advised and later forced to mark all death (car crash deaths, heart attacks, gunshot deaths included) with only one label, it's anomalous the seasonal deaths amounts (the common flu) plunged significantly all over the world at the time most deaths were labeled to have died of sars-cov-2). I know some humans still believe vaccines are good. I can only say if they would not have called it vaccine (cow poison) they would have called it excreta tauri (bullshit) which in small doses is even LESS dangerous than PUS of a cow, or any other mixture of foreign toxified man-made cell debris. Attention; If you see HEK among the ingredients of a vaccine (like almost all "modern" vaccines), keep in mind that the Human Embryo Kidney comes straight from the abortion clinic which most of the time is very near to a vaccine manufacturing laboratory. Here comes the weirdness, the craziness that is ruling this planet, millions of people ARE AGAINST ABORTION (f.e. on religious grounds, so they believe a god prohibits the killing of an embryo or fetus, no matter what reason a premature girl might have like being raped by her father or uncle, which is not condemned in the bible), but these SAME people also BELIEF that injecting themselves with the remains of an aborted baby mixed with toxins, is allowed, and they cannot see the absolute brain split they are demonstrating.

Every serious believer who believes the creator created us in his images must therefore believe he or she is created in perfection. Would you offer god injections that make him even more perfect? So why do you ignore god's perfection out of fear of things that are so blatantly propagandized you must know it's a lie? Don't tell god made man, so man could invent toxic injections and call it after cow poison, cause that would make all those who say this disqualify as people who know what they are talking about and fully qualify as jesters.

This is how far we got, deranged while presuming the drug industry made us smarter and thrive! This is a trillion-dollar industry, probably only the war industry (stealing robbing, killing, and bombing) deprives us of even more trillions of dollars and probably makes us sicker than the pharmaceutical industry does. Both industries do not have your best interest, or health at heart, but their own (blood)profit and stakeholders. I used the word smarter, which makes me wonder if anyone knows S.M.A.R.T. is the abbreviation of Secret Military Applications for Residential Tools. Yes microphones and cameras, your data, your conversations, and every step you take, are no longer secrets to "Big Brother".

This planet is o.k., no 8 billion people and a handful of psychopaths, sociopaths, and technocrats can corrupt the planet itself. But corruption can get to anyone, through deception. Believing is deceiving. I call upon any bright spirit to stop believing and comprehend the simplicity of wanting to know for sure. Accept the planet has been deceived for millennia, and probably we have been experiencing this thousand of times.

somewhere here is planet Earth

We, in our blindness, arrogance, and stupidity, keep thinking we are the center of anything. Please wake up, this 3D prison is 99% wrong on all universal principles. For starters, there are no gods in the universe, the universe does not need gods to do what it does. Free yourself from beliefs, assumptions, and empty thoughts. Your brain has been hijacked, your person has been enslaved, and you can set yourself free by making your search for freedom your highest goal. And if you are hiding behind a (government) function, to sustain the suppression or enslavement of the living organism, you will not be free yourself.

We are changing the planet when we decentralize (break the power of the few psychopaths, sociopaths, and technocrats), and redistribute what institutions like the Vatican have stolen and robbed for over 1700 years, we only support by consent the things we like to support in any way we like, and we all have the freedom to contribute to a world we like to contribute to.

For your information: I stopped paying taxes where I could, recollected where I should, and investigated the possibilities to suit those (and notify in person) who are director, CEO, Mr. President, chairman, mayor, commander, or any other highest-ranking agent (from "no man") who is responsible for running these "public robs the private" institutions. If you hate war, stop paying those who make war, your governments! It is A CRIME TO SUPPORT CRIMINAL organizations and all governments meet all the criteria for calling an organization a criminal organization, despite the fact there are crime-fighting agencies who pretend to stop the most devastating and disruptive criminal activities, these agencies seem to be very corrupt, and most of the time do not investigate white collar crimes, like who took down building 7 during 9/11 (you see how I avoid the most devastating crimes on that day, just by changing to another crime that took place, but most of us forgot about it). I know family Bush played a big role in these crimes (if you study a couple of days on the subject, you will agree with it, a sign that you are losing your false beliefs), but like always they got away with it, just like in November 1963, when H.W. Bush oversaw the murder of J.F. Kennedy, or 1938 when Prescot Bush on behalf of the Brown Harriman Bank financed Adolf H. who used it to finance the war. How come these crime families are always running the countries? Most Governments on the planet now also meet the criteria of an organization of terror. Terror is just applying overpowering fear (lockdown, fearmongering with nonexistent dead cell debris (virus), killing people for not obeying orders, etc).

If you don't believe me, good! Start experimenting for yourself and find out how your freedom and free will is guaranteed; first of all, if any organization demands your money, always ask for THE CONTRACT (no LAW can force you to contract if you don't want to!). Secondly, keep returning your mail from parties you have no contract with, write on the envelope NO CONTRACT - OFFER DECLINED (make photos, save them in a special folder on your computer). Register your AGREEMENTS/DISCLAIMER and make it available online. With every returned envelope point to your AGREEMENTS/DISCLAIMER. Now you start charging every mail that you return, you call this "costs for forced administering" your attempt to force me into to contract, I charge € 500 for every returned envelope. Since this is an experiment don't be surprised if "a nameless agent" decides to send armed forces to scare the shit out of you and your family. I know "they" never reply to any bill you send them, but so far all institutions that kept sending unsolicited mail have stopped sending. There is only one exception, but if I take them to court they would have to pay me around € 4000,-, and it seems they are trying to deny that per mail, but since I have no contract with this organization, I do not read but sent it back, and charge another € 500, and add it to the total amount of charges. Stop believing, and stop waiting on a savior, you can start today saving yourself, and with that saving humanity. If everyone would start today, tomorrow your governments and agencies would crumble and die. A universal principle is that everything that is created comes to fruition, fades, and dies. Start fading out those who decided to rob you of your freedom, and want to mandate you into an obedient believer (sheeple). Taxation is theft! Contribution is voluntary (this only counts for private men).

If you wish this world to change for the better, start bettering yourself now.

* The universe is all about information, everything is connected to the source (the center of the universe), and the universe has a magnificent built-in feedback loop in the form of "data" transmission. All data is electromagnetically stored in all the universe forms. This data can manifest itself as chromosomes, which means, bodies of light. The bodies of light make the manifestation of information possible. Our senses are connected to the source, we are the information and at the same time informers of the universe. Some say the universe is consciousness or mind. In my experience, truth can not be found anywhere else than in yourself while being fully aware of your universal connection. I did not have to start all over again, leaving all my false beliefs and teachings behind, I just saw "how the universe works" and found out that almost everything they tell and teach us is a perpetual lie. 

All is light, what we experience with our senses is a very tiny part of all manifestations of light. The Big Bang theory places everybody on the wrong path, and it is propagated to introduce "gods" who made this all possible "in the beginning". There is no beginning, there is no end, there is only eternal creation and gravitation, which we sometimes experience as manifestation. All manifestations have their influence and their periods. Freeing yourself from the lies, beliefs, assumptions, and empty thoughts, does not make you happier per se, but it releases all fears, even fear of dying, for you know there is no such thing.

Nikon the Meganoite, January 26th, 2024



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