Dead land of the free is Free land of the dead

By Gwydion | universalchords | 15 Jul 2023

The Deadland of the Free is the Free land of the dead

Yes "they" always killed the free for their living on land. Free did not own land, they lived on land.

Then came killers/murderers/robbers/militaries/lawmakers/lawbreakers/b.s

And man living with nature got confused and got massively killed.

Those in power robbed, stole, murdered, enslaved, tortured, and made illiterate to read the bible.

fear of explosions

2024 would be an excellent year to get back on ages of tyrants, dictators, murderers, military wars, stealing, robbing, and raping, by waking up and just putting a gun in your holster! But only if you are like Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood);

a gun against oppression or crazyness

Whenever a fascist government clerk tries to order you, you have the right to kill him/her!

Yes, to beat WEF, just kill them motherweffers! And save Earth!

Buy or make a defense weapon, do not go down without a struggle, 8 billion, against 500000??

Start waking up!

The Dutch Government fell again (July 2023). Let's make sure these neo-national socialists, or neo-liberals, under WEF control, are never coming back again! We can easily implement a rule; a representative of the people may have NO ties to any other organization, or institution. You cannot represent the people if you have (family)ties to other organizations, or institutions. If you quit being a representative and start working for an organization, or institution, all your work during your days as a representative in favor of that organization, or institution will have an opposite retroactive effect. If your (great)grandparents, or parents were supporters of the Nazis (or any other fascistic regime, like the Fidela regime, in Argentina), you cannot become a representative of the people! If we apply this new rule, we can also get rid of all these fairy tale kings and queens.

2024 could be the start of the period of FREEDOM!

It took Adolf 12 years of craziness (1933 - 1945) to find out it's better to kill yourself than to roll out a smothering/genocidal agenda. This prime minister of the Netherlands (M.R.) also wanted to abolish human rights in his 12 years of dictatorship (Oct. 2010 - July 2023), and he also was making laws mandating genocide by injection during the "plandemic". If there was a God, he would not have mercy on this man's soul. Is there anybody who still thinks the German national socialists lost the war? Is it a coincidence this man's grandfather, Klaas Dilling, was appointed by the Nazis (around 1943) to bring the Heidemij under the control of the Nazis? The nazi project (a eugenics agenda to create "lebensraum" by stealing land and murdering (genocide) the population) never stopped. The project went on under different names and is still going on today. Steal, rob, lie, rape, and murder and hope to get away with it (that is what they mean when they say: "safe and effective"). Remember; the dead land of the free once was the free land of those they murdered in the past 5000 years. As long as "we the people" keep supporting our psychopathic, sociopathic, or technocratic leaders this will go on and on.

the next hitler

If you want to educate yourself please visit "The End Of Covid

Nikon the Metanoite, July 15, 2023

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