Shared Past

Shared Past

By MarvinScottMarvin | Wordplay Whatnot | 23 Sep 2021

I hear their complaints 
and criticisms, 
a verbal argument 
spilling down the hallway. 

They are adult siblings. 
There has been 
a death in the family. 

Their voices are harsh, 
laden with profanity. 
No one is happy to be here, 

one of them opens up 
a box of photographs. 

The tone of conversation 
instantly changes, 
rising as they 

They laugh 
and they laugh 
and they laugh. 

There is no more 
argument. They have 
found agreement in their 
shared past, 
memories of a family 

The photos are put away. 
The door is closed, 
with a lock secured. 
They have gone 
separate ways. 

Some day they will 
be found together 
in a box of old photographs.

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Authentic biological human male. Based on a true story.

Wordplay Whatnot
Wordplay Whatnot

Poetry & prose. Self made mind of borrowed ideas. Word after word makes words, maybe sentences and even some sense. Wrote my first poem in 1982. Began to take my craft more seriously in 1992, but not too seriously. Been published a few times; Vim Magazine, Neon Geyser Porcelain Sky (Zeitgeist Press), 3 chapbooks. Editor of Spirit Caller Magazine. I've been invited to read my poems on KUNV, the Watt From Pedro Show, and Lollapalooza (Las Vegas, 1994). Featured in Las Vegas Weekly. Open mic host.

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