Eat in Tehran

Where to Eat in Tehran, Top Recommended Restaurants

By Melina Mehr | Wonders of the World | 15 Sep 2020

Finding a place to eat in Tehran is not a difficult task typically, because the big and crowded capital of Iran, which is one of the most modern cities in the middle east, has many restaurants and eateries,  and anywhere you go especially in sightseeing and around tourist attractions, you will encounter plenty nice and tempting eating places, but “what is the quality of these restaurants?” and “Do you really want to eat there?” are questions you would probably ask yourself before having a chance to try the food and meet the atmosphere.

Let’s take a look at the most recommended restaurants to eat in Tehran that are more popular among the people and tourists, the ones that satisfied travelers and have the seal of approval of most costumers and they even written positive comments about them:

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Melina Mehr
Melina Mehr

I'm a freelance writer, passionate about, music, books and nature.

Wonders of the World
Wonders of the World

Understandingly, If I start writing about a million times-heard boring stuff, there is always a chance no one reading my materials, so I try not to go down that road, but I feel like costumes, cuisine, and traditions I’m about to unveil are worth reading about. If you think about it, humanity is a very diverse concept wrapped around the same nature, dancing around the same instinctive fire, but oddly enough its exposed face is as varied as the droplets in the ocean, unbelievably diverse.

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