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By Rei das Fadas | Wonderland | 30 Apr 2021

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We live in a world in which information is in the palm of anyone's hands, that if that person wants information, because in the 21st century, information is accessible to everyone, information and knowledge.

 Today, knowing, knowing, information is not available to any man.

Even living in a world in which knowledge is available to all, there are still many people who live with the following dilemmas:

O  Financial poverty;

O  Make many mistakes in the business world;

O  There is a person who is already an expert in the digital world trying to make money online for some time, nothing else works;

O  Is this article just one more? The answer is yes.



Yes, because you don't have the crown of the rich, which is wisdom.

Surely you are reading this article, are you someone very intelligent with a lot of information, a lot of knowledge, but will you have the crown of kings?

My intention is to test that on you with this article if you are wise or knew and if you do not yet have it, you will never be successful until you have  the crown of kings, more before continuing, makes it clear that these are my ideas, which will be presented here. And that you can test your kings crown in another way if you want. 

But let me tell you something, knowledge is not success, neither is intelligence, so you are reading this article a strong sign that you unconsciously own the crown of kings, the more it is time to start wearing the crown consciously, the more as I said you can get the kings crown elsewhere if you think me a fiasco.

I must assume that if you got this far, it is because you want to test or own the crown of kings.



Without going back to it, answer some questions for yourself:

O  Do you know what DEFI is?

O  How did I get dressed in DEFI?

O  What is publish0x?

O  What was publish0x for?

O  Are you aware of online brokers? and what can you use in cryptocurrencies? 

What these questions have in common is that in all these places that I mentioned you can make money, and I am 99% sure that you are aware of the existence of these places and that in these places you can make money and a lot of money.

And what do you do with that knowledge? Nothing.

Don't get motivated, don't get organized, you have plans but never take them seriously.

I'll give you a very simple example for you to understand me, if you got here it is because you find the content interesting, I can even dare to say that you like it, and this is a knowledge, wisdom comes in leaving your taste in this article, you know that nomal is a taste for the things you like and a disgust for the things you don’t like wisdom the crown of the rich comes in pores and practices the things you know that’s wisdom.

With that in mind, think about what you do with all the knowledge you have about: DEFI, PUBLISH0X, WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT CRYPTOMOEDES AND HOW YOU GET IT AS MANUSIALAS AND MANTELAS. What do you do with all that knowledge?

Let me tell you that what you do with all that knowledge that you have with all that intelligence that you have is what dictates whether you know it or not.

If you use the knowledge that you have holdings of the crown of wise men, if you do not use you do not hold the crown of wise men.  

Wisdom on the part of man is scarce. And especially in the business world, you who are an investor, freelancer, creator of content, you need wisdom.

Stop thinking that intelligence is knowledge and that all that knowledge you have is wisdom, it is not.

Wisdom is putting into practice what you know has to be done about everything.

If you know you have to read a book, read it.

If you know you have to wake up early to study to work, wake up.

If you know that to start dressing you have to save, save.

This is wisdom. That will contribute to your success, nothing else, starting to put into practice all the knowledge and all the intelligence that you have.


do not expect to blind your old age to be wise


And we can start by following the page.

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