Want more Money ? Are your Asking what is the “Financial Peace” Cipher ? How to make more money than a normal person

By Wisdoms1 | Wisdoms Luminaries | 8 Mar 2022

Hi, so in this article I will expect the Term “Cipher” to be understood. I have created and build a workshop and study in the process and education of the How to do. You can read all you want but most people doesn’t get the How internally the work must be done to receive the Potentials response and outcome. So a cipher is a Secret or disguised way of writing; a CODE. So Writing cryptic code into the fabric of creation. So coding the Matrix in Cryptography, A cipher is a Algorithm For preforming encryption or decryption a series of WELL defined steps that can be followed as a procedure. To convert information or ie..code into ciphering Digital encoding. Break down in the “MIND” to manifest unto this form reality. Codes generally substitute different length strings. The Quantum String Theory intercepted by Natural Code. The operation of a cipher depends on a piece of auxiliary information ie. The Consciousness of the Mind. To becoming a Aka “KEY”.  Becoming a cryptovariable. A Key must be used, by they must work on ie..Blocks (block cipher “, or a Symbol ie. The “SIGIL” is the “KEY”. A whole WORD or or phrase can be converted to a symbol encoding a Algorithm to work for you not against you. To be in FLOW. So in turn of my School of Neurological Sciences I stumbled into this Wisdom. And Now I AM retired at 28. And have a Average of 40k a month in dividends. So some may ask why are you here writing about this if you have so much money. The answer is I like to write and I sit by my fireplace  in Peace and enjoy seen others Gain Financial Peace. If all had this there would not be competition rather it would be cooperative living. Happy neighbor happy life 😉. If you wish to learn this “PRACTICE “ it can become available for your Future.  I teach this and can be done remotely. For a Small fee I will teach the HOW and you will have skills to become Independent of Life and wealthier Potentials. I love using “Public” for my investment needs. https://share.public.com/wisdom14sophia I have a private group that works together to Maximize Gains and teach and learn skills to no longer work a 9 to 5. No boss and work hours that are flexible. Ie Market hours. If you Join get a free stock for sign up and then join my group and receive your first “SIGIL” free and see what it does for you in the Ciphers. If you don’t wish to join but want the “Wisdom teaching “. It can be available via email or a phone connect. We in the group this week have a potential 30% gainer. Will post results when they come thru the Ciphers Algorithm. So ask in the comments if you want to join outside of “Public”. So also because Cryptocurrencies work “IN” this type of Cryptographic technology of a “SIGIL “. Hence why a COIN is the “SIgIL” and can be manifest and modified. This is how crypto currency can make you wealthier do to the principal of the Algorithmic Universe we find ourselves live IN. Anywho hope this clears up a few questions that came thru. Enjoy your day and thanks for your time and Energy. May Abundance and Peace always walk before you. Much Love  Also available on Webull https://a.webull.com/ga6a19tY1QBuM8f5Ta  A better option to have more controls over your investment.  I believe the charts and account tools are better on Webull but it really is a preferred situation to who is using. Cheers 💰🤴045fd888ae917d06bf8cacc2d909a74746af58ce12361bf0625d1360eb5fbeaa.jpgSo Let’s celebrate together in our Dreams becoming Reality’s If you skip this opportunity you will truly never know what you are missing. But then again if you don’t  have it or experience the “Practice “ you won’t know what your missing anyways so no loss, 😉🙏🕊🙏👑 My Goal is to see 100 people seeded this year to becoming Millionaires in 3 years or less. Outcomes and time are represented by your input unto the process. My Goal is to own a House in every state just to Have the privilege of going anywhere anytime. A Airplane and Boat to travel freely. This will be my Wish by the end of 2025. Using the financial Markets to fund my Dreams. Sound good while the rest of humanity fights for scraps under the dinner table of Life. 🤔 again thanks for your time you took to read this 

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